Expert Mode Accessories

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Accessory Source Effect Hardmode Visible on character?
Core of Nature (AFK Pets and more).png Core of Nature File:Pendant of Nature (AFK Pets and more).pngPendant of Nature

File:Overgrown Mushroom (AFK Pets and more).pngOvergrown Mushroom

Spore Sac.pngSpore Sac

Honey Comb.pngHoney Comb

Obsidian Rose.pngObsidian Rose

Jungle Rose.pngJungle Rose

100 File:Jungle Spore.pngJungle Spore   @   Mythril Anvil.pngMythril Anvil or Orichalcum Anvil.pngOrichalcum Anvil

Increases life by 10. If the player doesn't have any bonus life regen, it heals the player for 3 life every second. If the player already has bonus life regen, it increases life regen by 2. Every 3 seconds, the player generates a Mushroom Spore somewhere nearby them, and they constantly generate Spore Sac's spores. When hitting an enemy with a true melee weapon, it has a chance of producing Mushroom Spores. When struck, the player releases bees to attack nearby enemies, and they take reduced damage from lava.
Tango Tick1.png
Tango Cross1.png
Cybernatic Headgear (AFK Pets and more).png Cybernetic Headgear Protective Lens (AFK Pets and more).pngProtective Lens

File:Potion Stabilizer (AFK Pets and more).pngPotion Stabilizer

File:Stabilized EM Energy Conventer Core (AFK Pets and more).pngStabilized EM Energy Conventer Core

File:Key (AFK Pets and more).pngKey

File:CV01 Sound and Movement Enhancer Chip (AFK Pets and more).pngCV01 Sound and Movement Enhancer Chip

400 Cog.pngCog

200 Hallowed Bar.pngHallowed Bar   @   Ancient Manipulator.pngAncient Manipulator

When equipped, increases critical hit chance by 6%, defense by 2, life and mana by 20, life regen by 1, mana regen by 2, and lengthens invincibility frames. The player has a 50% chance of not consuming mana and health potions when drinking them.
Grants an effect similar to Celestial Magnet's mana absorption range.
Gives immunity to Electrified and Slow.
When the player takes damage, an Electrosphere will appear near the player, dealing 119-121 to any nearby enemies. Every 12 seconds, it also has a chance of spawning a Electrosphere near the player.
Spawns a Golden Meteorite Head to help the player, that has a 10% chance of spawning fruit that heals for 10 life points when the player picks it up. Stats increase with boss progression, and benefits from minion damage bonuses.
Depending on the key that the player is holding, offers different bonuses.
If the player's music volume is less than 20%, it reduces stats, and if it is more than 40%, it increases stats.
When taking damage, the player can emit music notes in different directions.
Tango Tick1.png
Tango Cross1.png
Dr Fetus Monocle (AFK Pets and more).pngDoctor's Monocle Obtained from Dr Fetus as Expert loot Increases critical hit damage by 10%. Any enemy that deals contact damage with the player, 20% of that damage is reflected to the attacker.
Tango Cross1.png
Tango Cross1.png <center<
Flame of the Ice Queen (AFK Pets and more).pngFlame of the Ice Queen Star Cloak.pngStar Cloak

File:Dark Candle (AFK Pets and more).pngDark Candle

File:Rune of the strongest (AFK Pets and more).pngRune of the strongest

File:Bakamite, the frozen element (AFK Pets and more).pngBakamite, the frozen element

2 Frost Core.pngFrost Core   @   Ancient Manipulator.pngAncient Manipulator

Increases magic damage by 20%, Life and Mana by 20, Defense by 4 and slightly increases movement speed. Any enemies near the player will be inflicted with Frostburn. Increases flight time. When moving, the player will generate snowflakes that deal 60-65 damage to any enemy they strike. Taking damage will make small ice projectiles rain down near the player, dealing 34-39 damage to enemies.
Tango Tick1.png
Tango Cross1.png
Heart of Evil (AFK Pets and more).pngHeart of Evil Demon Heart.pngDemon Heart

Moon Lord Trophy.pngMoon Lord Trophy

File:Bloody Necklace (AFK Pets and more).pngBloody Necklace   @   Ancient Manipulator.pngAncient Manipulator

Increases mana by 80, mana regen by 5, and gives a 8% boost to all types of damage. When attacking enemies, it has a 5% chance of inflicting all types of flame debuffs to that enemy. Enemies from Celestial Events deal 20% less damage to the player. 5 Phantasmal Spheres rotate around the player, dealing 100-130 damage to enemies that they come in contact with. This accessory slowly leeches out health of the player.
Tango Tick1.png
Tango Cross1.png
Heart of the Laval Golem (AFK Pets and more).pngHeart of the Laval Golem Obtained from the Laval Golem as Expert loot. Increases defense by 4 and gives a 5% bonus to all types of damage. When the player takes damage, they shoot fireballs that go in a "spiral" pattern, dealing 40-45 damage and setting enemies On Fire!. Gives immunity to lava damage, similarly to the Obsidian Skin Potion, and if the player is in the Underworld their stats are increased slightly.
Tango Tick1.png
Tango Cross1.png
Holographic Boots (AFK Pets and more).png Holographic Boots Obtained from the Boss Hunter Merchant after the Lunatic Cultist is defeated. Allows the player to walk on air, as if it is made of blocks. If the player presses the JUMP key, they can walk on blocks that were above them.
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Tango Cross1.png
Maya's Pendant (AFK Pets and more).png Maya's Pendant File:Blessing of the Golem (AFK Pets and more).pngBlessing of the Golem

File:Creeper Head Necklace (AFK Pets and more).pngCreeper Head Necklace

File:Pendant of the Death Bringer (AFK Pets and more).pngPendant of the Death Bringer

File:Heartstar Necklace (AFK Pets and more).pngHeartstar Necklace

Star Veil.pngStar Veil

100 Ectoplasm.pngEctoplasm

50 Soul of Sight.pngSoul of Sight   @   Ancient Manipulator.pngAncient Manipulator

Increases Life Regen by 2, damage reduction by 7%, and life and mana by 40. Every 5 seconds, the player gains 5 health and 20 mana.
Gives a 3% boost to Ranged, Minion and Thrower damage. 2% to Melee, and 4% to Magic damage. These bonuses increase the closer the player is to dying, up to a maximum of 35% bonus to each type of damage.
The player has a chance of spawning Soul Hearts when killing enemies, collectibles that heal for 10 health.
If the player stays in place for 2 seconds, they will summon a sentry minion that shoots darts and fire. The sentry uses the first type of dart it finds in the player's inventory, and won't consume it.
Gives immunity to all (Except for Explosives) Underground and Jungle Temple Traps. Slimes don't deal damage to the player, and the player is immune to fall damage and fire blocks. When the player takes damage, stars fall off the sky, dealing 26-34 damage to enemies that they come in contact with.
The Mechanic NPC is stronger, dealing 197-240 damage with her Wrench.
The player won't consume Wires.
Tango Tick1.png
Tango Cross1.png
Mini Tesla Coil (AFK Pets and more).pngMini Tesla Coil Obtained from SATLA-001 as Expert Loot When the player is moving, they will "charge" the Tesla Coil. After some time of moving, the player will inflict Charged to nearby enemies, making them shoot projectiles towards nearby enemies that do 17-22 damage. If the player takes damage, they will shoot the Charged projectiles, and they will need to move again to inflict Charged to enemies.
Tango Cross1.png
Tango Cross1.png
Rune of Fehu (AFK Pets and more).png Rune of Fehu Obtained from the Politician Slime as Expert Loot Increases critical chance by 6%. Grants immunity to the Midas debuff. When the player takes damage, coins will fall from above the player's screen, inflicting 28-34 damage to enemies they strike. The player's attacks have a chance of inflicting Midas, and when a enemy is inflicted with said debuff, the player will deal 5% more damage to that enemy.
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Tango Cross1.png
Rune of Ingwaz (AFK Pets and more).png Rune of Ingwaz Obtained from the Ancient Trio as Expert loot When the player dies, it will revive the player and restore 10% of their health, with a 5 minute cooldown. When killing an enemy, the "excess" damage, as in, damage that was bigger than the enemy's left health, will be added to the player's next attack. The damage is capped at two times the damage of the weapon, and will reset when it hits the cap.
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Tango Cross1.png
Severed head of Cultist (AFK Pets and more).png Severed head of Cultist Obtained from the Spirit of Fun as Expert loot Increases Magic Damage and Flight Time by 10%, and Mana by 20. Bosses have a 10% chance of dropping an extra loot bag. The Lunatic Cultist's body will appear and follow the player, aiding them in combat. It will shoot projectiles from the following weapons: Shadowbeam Staff, Inferno Fork, Magnet Sphere and Spectre Staff.
Tango Tick1.png
Tango Cross1.png
Terrarian Necklace (AFK Pets and more).png Terrarian Necklace Greedy Ring.pngGreedy Ring

Yoyo Bag.pngYoyo Bag

Shiny Stone.pngShiny Stone

Philosopher's Stone.pngPhilosopher's Stone

File:Green Heart Necklace.pngGreen Heart Necklace

10 Fallen Star.pngFallen Star   @   Mythril Anvil.pngMythril Anvil/Orichalcum Anvil.pngOrichalcum Anvil

Increases life and mana by 80. Shops have lower prices, enemies drop more coins and increases coin pickup range. Gives the player master yoyo skills. Greatly increases life regen when not moving, and reduces the cooldown of healing potions.
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Tango Cross1.png