Liquid Emblem

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Liquid Emblem
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Tooltip'You feel stronger being on liquids than gases.'

While you are in liquid all your damage increase by 7%, throwing velocity by 10%, max life by 10 and mana by 20
While you are in liquid your mining speed increase by 7%, movement speed by 10%, defense and life regen by 2 and fishing skill by 20

Your movement will not affect in any liquid with affect of obsidian rose and magma stone and you will not break thin ice
RarityRarity Level: 4
Sell20 Copper Coin

The Liquid Emblem is a Pre-Hardmode Accessory. Equipping it grants the user buffs while on any liquids. While the player is submerged in any liquid, they deal 7% more damage, has the throwing speed increased by 10%, their max life is increased by 10 and you max mana is increased by 20. Also, the player has their mining speed increased by 7%, movement speed is increased by 10%, their defense and life regen is increased by 2, and their fishing skill is increased by 20.

The player's movement will not be hindered when underwater, so they can "walk" normally while submerged in any liquids, and it grants the effects of the Obisidan Rose and the Magma Stone.The player won't break thin ice.

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