Lucy's Light

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Lucy's Light
  • Lucy's Light (AFK Pets and more).png
Stack digit 1.png
Damage53 Melee
Critical chance8%
Use timeVery Fast
Tooltip'As a living it's your duty to save the honor of the past'
Hitting enimies will cause them to burn with angelic flames and their sins will make weapon store energy
When the weapon store enough energy it will be ready to do holy strike with RC and it have 3 stages
In first stage the sword will burn any enemy that is close to the player with angelic flames
In second stage it will rain angelic beams to your mouse direction
In third stage it will shoot an angelic energy that will explode into infernal flames upon hit to enemy
Grants BuffHoly Strike (AFK Pets and more).pngHoly Strike
Buff tooltipYour soul is burning with justice
Inflicts DebuffAngelic Flames (AFK Pets and more).pngAngelic Flames
Debuff tooltipYou are being judged
RarityRarity Level: 7
Sell20 Silver Coin.png

Lucy's Light is a Hardmode sword exhanged with a Paladin's Hammer by the Holy Knight. Hitting enimies will inflict Angelic Flames and store up Holy Strike depending on how many times the sword has hit an enemy.

  • Stage 1 (27-54) hits: Inflicts Angelic Flames to every enemy on screen.
  • Stage 2 (55-71) hits: Sends out 4-5 inaccurate beams from the sky that inflict Angelic Flames.
  • Stage 3 (71+ hits): Launches a Golden Comet that bursts into inferno shrapnel that inflicts Angelic Flames and Inferno.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • You will still have your Holy Strike stacks when you switch weapons, but not if you die or reset the world.
  • Not hitting an enemy for a period of time while having stacks of Holy Strike will only visually dissapear, they will still be there and reappear if you hit an enemy again with the weapon.