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Squires[edit | edit source]

Squires are a new minion subtype introduced by the Amulet of Many Minions. They can be controlled directly by the player, and will attack towards the cursor as long as the player is holding the primary mouse button. A player may only control one Squire at a time, and they do not count towards the player's minion limit. The Amulet of Many Minions currently includes 12 Squire type minions, available throughout the vanilla progression. 5 squires are available in Pre-Hardmode, and 8 are available in Hardmode.

Item Minion Damage Made From
Crest of the Forest (AmuletOfManyMinons).png Crest of the Forest Mushroom Squire (AmuletOfManyMinions).gif Mushroom Squire 10 Crafted: 8 Mushroom.png, 18 Wood.png ( @ Iron Anvil.png )
Crest of Shadows (AmuletOfManyMinions).png Crest of Shadows Shadow Squire (AmuletOfManyMinions).gif Shadow Squire 16 Crafted: 12 Demonite Bar.png ( @ Iron Anvil.png )
Crest of the Crimson (AmuletOfManyMinions).png Crest of the Crimson Crimson Squire (AmuletOfManyMinions).gif Crimson Squire 19 Crafted: 12 Crimtane Bar.png ( @ Iron Anvil.png )
Ancient Crest of Cobalt (AmuletOfManyMinions).png Ancient Crest of Cobalt Ancient Cobalt Squire (AmuletOfManyMinions).gif Ancient Cobalt Squire 18 Dropped by Man Eater.pngMan Eater (8% chance)
Crest of Bones (AmuletOfManyMinions).png Crest of Bones Bone Squire (AmuletOfManyMinions).gif Bone Squire 28 Dropped by Angry Bones.pngAngry Bones (2% chance)
Soulbound Sword (AmuletOfManyMinions).png Soulbound Sword Soulbound Sword (AmuletOfManyMinions).png Soulbound Sword 28 Crafted: 1 (Ebonwood Sword.png or Shadewood Sword.png), 10 Soul of Night.png ( @ Iron Anvil.png )
Soulbound Bow (AmuletOfManyMinions).png Soulbound Bow Soulbound Bow (AmuletOfManyMinions).png Soulbound Bow 32 Crafted: 1 Pearlwood Bow.png, 10 Soul of Light.png ( @ Iron Anvil.png )
Adamantite Crest (AmuletOfManyMinions).png Adamantite Crest Adamantite Squire Animated (AmuletOfManyMinions).gif Adamantite Squire 36 Crafted: 14 Adamantite Bar.png ( @ Mythril Anvil.png )
Titanium Crest (AmuletOfManyMinions).png Titanium Crest Titanium Squire (AmuletOfManyMinions).gif Titanium Squire 39 Crafted: 14 Titanium Bar.png ( @ Mythril Anvil.png )
Crest of Eyes (AmuletOfManyMinions).png Crest of Eyes Squeyere (AmuletOfManyMinions).gif Squeyere 47 Dropped by Eyezor.pngEyezor (10% chance)
Soulbound Arsenal (AmuletOfManyMinions).png Soulbound Arsenal Soulbound Arsenal (AmuletOfManyMinions).png Soulbound Arsenal 70 Crafted: 1 Soulbound Bow (AmuletOfManyMinions).png, 1 Soulbound Sword (AmuletOfManyMinions).png, 1 Broken Hero Sword.png ( @ Mythril Anvil.png )
Crest of Armored Bones (AmuletOfManyMinions).png Crest of Armored Bones Armored Bone Squire (AmuletOfManyMinions).gif Armored Bone Squire 90 Dropped by Blue Armored Bones.pngBlue Armored Bones (3% chance)
Crest of Stardust (AmuletOfManyMinions).png Crest of Stardust Stardust Squire (AmuletOfManyMinions).gif Stardust Squire 92 Crafted: 18 Stardust Fragment.png ( @ Ancient Manipulator.png )