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The Ancients Awakened Mod includes a number of bosses called Ancients. They are meant to be rather difficult bosses, and are fought anywhere from after the Mechanical Bosses to right before the Superancients. Eventually, there is planned to be an Ancient boss for every major biome in the game, including the ones added in the Ancients Awakened Mod as well as the biomes in Vanilla.

As of the 1.0 update, there are 6 bosses that are considered Ancients in the mod. All Ancients are fought during Hardmode and Post-Moon Lord.

List of Ancients[edit | edit source]

List of Ancients
Icon Name Biome Tier
Anubis, Legendscribe (Ancients Awakened).png Anubis, Legendscribe Desert Post-Mechanical Bosses
Athena (Ancients Awakened).png Athena Sky Post-Plantera
Greed (Ancients Awakened).png Greed Cavern Post-Plantera
Yamata (Ancients Awakened).png Yamata The Mire Post-Sisters of Discord
Akuma, Draconian Demon (Ancients Awakened).png Akuma The Inferno Post-Sisters of Discord
Zero (Ancients Awakened).png Zero The Void Post-Equinox Worms

Awakened Phases[edit | edit source]

Currently, all of the Ancients ingame have an additional Awakened phase. The Ancients fought in Hardmode-tier have their awakened forms in a fashion of rematches; featuring more powerful attacks, a higher difficulty and stronger gear to compensate.

The Ancients fought after defeating the Equinox Worms have their awakened forms fought right after defeating the boss itself, however exclusive to Expert Mode. These Ancients drop unique summoning items when defeated in Expert, which allows the player to skip the normal phase and fight the awakened phase right off the bat.

List of Ancients
Icon Name Biome Ancient Tier
Anubis- Forsaken Judge (Ancients Awakened).png Anubis; Forsaken Judge Desert Anubis, Legendscribe Post-Moon Lord
Olympian Athena (Ancients Awakened).png Olympian Athena Sky Athena Post-Anubis; Forsaken Judge
Worm King Greed (Ancients Awakened).png Worm King Greed Cavern Greed Post-Anubis; Forsaken Judge
Yamata no Orochi (Ancients Awakened).png Yamata no Orochi The Mire Yamata, Dread Nightmare
Akuma Awakened (Ancients Awakened).png Oni Akuma The Inferno Akuma, Draconian Demon
Zero Protocol (Ancients Awakened).png ZER0 PR0T0C0L The Void Zero, Doomsday Construct

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ancients were used to be separated into 5 different tiers depending on the progression in past updates including Superancients and Hyperancients. But this separation concept was scrapped, and Ancients have been separated into 3 variants.
    • Tier 1 Ancients were Hardmode-tier ones, Tier 2 Ancients were Post-ML ones and Tier 3 Ancients were post-Sisters of Discord ones, which they were also considered as Ancients back then.
  • Ancients however, are now divided into two different progressions: (Excluding Supers and Hypers) Some of them can be fought on Hardmode and their awakened forms can be challenged in Post Moon Lord. Some of them can be fought after defeating The Equinox Worms, and their both normal fights and awakened fights will be fought at the same time.