Crimson Prism

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Crimson Prism
  • Crimson Prism item sprite
TypeCrafting material
TooltipImbued with the carnal energy of the flesh-ridden wasteland
RarityRarity Level: 8
Sell20 Silver Coin

The Crimson Prism was a post-Plantera crafting material created by combining a Biome Prism with items gathered from the Crimson. Its main use was to craft True Fleshrend armor, as well as the True Scalpel Fleshrend Wings and the True Fleshrend Claymore.

Consumables: The Big One (Ancients Awakened).png Potions ( Flask of Hydratoxin (Ancients Awakened).png Buff Potions ) • Incapacitator (Ancients Awakened).png Thrown Weapons
Unstable Power Cell (Ancients Awakened).png Ammunition • Dragon's Fire (Ancients Awakened).png Materials ( Snow Mana (Ancients Awakened).png Drops • Abyssium (Ancients Awakened).png Ores and Doomite Bar (Ancients Awakened).png Bars ) • Forest Flask (Ancients Awakened).png Miscellaneous