Dragon Serpent Necklace

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Treasure Bag.gif Expert Mode-Only Content: This information (or parts of it) applies only to Expert mode and Expert mode worlds.
Dragon Serpent Necklace
  • Dragon Serpent Necklace item sprite
Tooltip7% increased damage and damage resistance
Ignores 5 enemy defense
RarityRarity Level: rainbow
Sell10 Gold Coin.png

The Dragontamer's Cloak was an Expert Mode-exclusive accessory crafted from The Broodmother's and the The Hydra's Expert-exclusive drops, as well as the Shark Tooth Necklace. It granted the effects of its components when equipped, providing 7% increased damage, 7% less damage taken, the player's attacks ignoring 5 enemy's defense, as well as 3 increased defense for the player.

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