Equinox Altar

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Equinox Altar (Ancients Awakened).png

The Equinox Altar is a mini structure that is generated on far left side of the world, in Space layer. If the player inserts a Star Chart (from Olympian Athena), the Gravity Sphere (from Worm King Greed) and the Worm Idol (from Anubis after defeating him as Forsaken Anubis), you will get a Equinox Worm, which is needed to summon the The Equinox Worms.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • The idol goes into the slot, but nothing happens. (When Worm Idol is inserted, but either of Gravity Sphere or Star Chart hasn't been inserted.)
  • High in the clouds rules the Seraph Queen, guardian of the skies where the creators watch over us. (When right clicking the daybringer slot without Star Chart, gives info about Athena.)
  • Deep in the caverns of the world lies the Worm King, guardian of the earth that was created to give us life. (When right clicking the nightcrawler slot without Gravity Sphere, gives info about Greed.)

When all items are inserted:[edit | edit source]

(Italic is Daybringer, bold is Nightcrawler, normal is both and ordinary message.)

  • The idol shines to life, regaining its original coloration.
  • It appears someone has reassembled our idol, dearest Daybringer.
  • It appears so. Little one, you have impressed us greatly. (If in Singleplayer)
  • It appears so. Little ones, you have impressed us greatly. (If in Multiplayer)
  • Could they be the one we've been searching for...?
  • ...possibly.
  • Young one. We would like to provide you with one last test. (If in Singleplayer)
  • Young ones. We would like to provide you with one last test. (If in Multiplayer)
  • A test of strength against us.
  • When you are ready, call us forth with the worm statue in your hand.
  • We will be able to find you because of these beacons you reactivated.
  • However...
  • Do not expect us to go easy on you, (Name of player). (If in Singleplayer)
  • Do not expect us to go easy on you, heroes. (If in Multiplayer)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Worm Idol can be used to find the Equinox Altar, in a similar way to the Grim Pointer from Thorium Mod, which is used to find a Blood Chamber. As when held, a compass-like symbol appears on player's head.
  • The Equinox Altar's theme is Stars' Serenade, by charliedebnam.
    • Stars' Serenade is a standalone track which originally wasn't intended for the mod, and will be scrapped, as charliedebnam is pulling his themes from the mod.
  • While the dialogue between Daybringer and Nightcrawler happens, the main chord progression from the Equinox Worms' theme Orbital Equilibrium will play