Lucifer the Pit Lord

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Lucifer the Pit Lord
Lucifer the Pit Lord (Ancients Awakened).png
TypeFriendly NPC
AI TypePassive AI

Lucifer, the Pit Lord is a friendly NPC that resides in The Pit. He currently has no purpose aside of sitting there and answering questions about the upcoming structure's usage.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Come back later. I'm setting up shop here. Huh? What am I doin'?! I'm supervising.
  • Who am I?! I'm-- Who am I kiddin'. You know who I am. Now skedaddle, I got an arena to get built. (When clicked "Who are you?" option)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lucifer is the Ancient of the Underworld and he will be a post-Equinox Worms tier boss fight in a future update.
  • The reason behind Lucifer being added earlier than its intended time is due to a community poll asking which Ancient should be added to the mod next and a majority had voted for him.
    • This also changed the planned implementation of Lucifer, which was planned to be released on a later update, will make him be released sooner than intended.