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The Ancients Awakened Mod adds several tiers of rarity beyond those found in vanilla Terraria. Most of these rarities are meant to accommodate the tiers of progression that exist after the Moon Lord is defeated.

Tiers[edit | edit source]

Click a rarity color to see a listing of items of that rarity.

Tier Color Description
12 Rarity Level: 12 This tier is for the early post-Equinox Worms items. These currently only include the weapons dropped by The Sisters of Discord.
13 Rarity Level: 13 This tier is for items that are acquired from the Ancient bosses; Akuma, Draconian Demon, Yamata, Dread Nightmare, and Zero, Doomsday Construct.
14 Rarity Level: 14 This tier is for items obtained from Superancient bosses; Rajah Rabbit, Champion of the Innocent and Shen Doragon, Discordian Doomsayer.
15 Rarity Level: 15 This tier is for Hyperancient items, which are currently unimplemented, and as such, so is this rarity.

Values Table[edit | edit source]

All Ancients Awakened weapons, armor, & accessories have fixed sell prices based on their rarity. A full table is below.

Note that no weapons have a rarity of 11, so Tier 11 has been omitted from the table.

Tier Sell Price
0 25 Silver Coin
1 50 Silver Coin
2 75 Silver Coin
3 1 Gold Coin
4 2 Gold Coin
5 4 Gold Coin
6 6 Gold Coin
7 8 Gold Coin
8 10 Gold Coin
9 15 Gold Coin
10 20 Gold Coin
11 25 Gold Coin
12 30 Gold Coin
13 35 Gold Coin
14 40 Gold Coin
15 45 Gold Coin

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Developer Items, Contributor Items, and Tester Items all have their own unique rarity for each specific person they are for. For Example; everything relating to the developer Alphakip are all marked with a dark blue rarity unique to his items.
  • Although certain high-tier items display their proper tier in the inventory, their true tier is internally treated as a rarity of 10; this can be seen by hovering over items with a tier of 12 or higher that are either in the hotbar or dropped as an item in the world.
    • This means that modifiers will not affect the colors of the item names displayed when viewed in the inventory; for example, a Legendary Amphibious Longsword will show up as the same color as a Broken Amphibious Longsword.

See Also[edit | edit source]

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