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The Ancients Awakened mod adds many tools to Terraria.

Ancients Awakened adds many new tools to the game, typically crafted with new crafting materials and sometimes serving as upgrades to existing tools. The mod also adds items which change the time of day upon use.

Pickaxes and Drills[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Coral Pickaxe (Ancients Awakened).pngCoral Pickaxe Mushpick (Ancients Awakened).pngMushpick Madness Pickaxe (Ancients Awakened).pngMadness Pickaxe Glowing Mushpick (Ancients Awakened).pngGlowing Mushpick Grasscutter (Ancients Awakened).pngGrasscutter Hydra Tunneler (Ancients Awakened).pngHydra Tunneler
Dragon Digger (Ancients Awakened).pngDragon Digger Toothpick (Ancients Awakened).pngToothpick Excavator (Ancients Awakened).pngExcavator Doomite Mining Laser (Ancients Awakened).pngDoomite Mining Laser Icepick (Ancients Awakened).pngIcepick Nightaxe (Ancients Awakened).pngNightaxe
Shadow Drill (Ancients Awakened).pngShadow Drill Scalpel (Ancients Awakened).pngScalpel Stonebreaker (Ancients Awakened).pngStonebreaker

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Unity Pickaxe (Ancients Awakened).pngUnity Pickaxe Dragon Pickaxe (Ancients Awakened).pngDragon Pickaxe Scorch Shark (Ancients Awakened).pngScorch Shark Depth Digger (Ancients Awakened).pngDepth Digger MINE-er (Ancients Awakened).pngMINE-er True Nightaxe (Ancients Awakened).pngTrue Nightaxe
True Scalpel (Ancients Awakened).pngTrue Scalpel Perfect Stonebreaker (Ancients Awakened).pngPerfect Stonebreaker Perfect Shadow Drill (Ancients Awakened).pngPerfect Shadow Drill

Post-Moon Lord[edit | edit source]

Unearther (Ancients Awakened).pngUnearther Starminer (Ancients Awakened).pngStarminer Darkmatter Pitchet (Ancients Awakened).pngDarkmatter Pitchet

Axes[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Coral Axe (Ancients Awakened).pngCoral Axe Madness Axe (Ancients Awakened).pngMadness Axe Doomite Mining Laser (Ancients Awakened).pngDoomite Mining Laser Doomite Jacksaw (Ancients Awakened).pngDoomite Jacksaw

Post-Moon Lord[edit | edit source]

Darkmatter Pitchet (Ancients Awakened).pngDarkmatter Pitchet Radium Hamaxe (Ancients Awakened).pngRadium Hamaxe

Hammers[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Madness Hammer (Ancients Awakened).pngMadness Hammer Mushmallet (Ancients Awakened).pngMushmallet Glowing Mushmallet (Ancients Awakened).pngGlowing Mushmallet Doomite Jacksaw (Ancients Awakened).pngDoomite Jacksaw

Post-Moon Lord[edit | edit source]

Darkmatter Jackhammer (Ancients Awakened).pngDarkmatter Jackhammer Radium Hamaxe (Ancients Awakened).pngRadium Hamaxe

Terratools[edit | edit source]

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Chaos Terratool (Ancients Awakened).pngChaos Terratool Terratool (Ancients Awakened).pngTerratool

Post-Moon Lord[edit | edit source]

Doomsday Terratool (Ancients Awakened).pngDoomsday Terratool Dread Terratool (Ancients Awakened).pngDread Terratool Draconian Terratool (Ancients Awakened).pngDraconian Terratool Galaxium Terratool (Ancients Awakened).pngGalaxium Terratool Grovite Terratool (Ancients Awakened).pngGrovite Terratool Amphibious Terratool (Ancients Awakened).pngAmphibious Terratool
Discordian Terratool (Ancients Awakened).pngDiscordian Terratool Terraformer (Ancients Awakened).pngTerraformer

Other[edit | edit source]

Teleportation[edit | edit source]

Rift Mirror (Ancients Awakened).pngRift Mirror

Time[edit | edit source]

Suncaller (Ancients Awakened).pngSuncaller Mooncaller (Ancients Awakened).pngMooncaller Timecaller (Ancients Awakened).pngTimecaller

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