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List of Updates[edit | edit source]

Version Release Date Features November 22 Items:
Tantrum Potion
Icon October 23 Items:
Chernobyl's Remains • Jack O' BOOM • Soul Reaper • Spirit's Tome
Rain Charge • Terruption • Upper Charge
Recipe Changes
Bugfixes October 2 Items:
Feral Bow • Flamefrostbrand • Shroomshark
Weapon Reworks
Spawn Rates Lowered
Recipe Changes
Supreme Hallowed One September 15 Items:
Shadonium armor • Vyssonium armor
Glade Boot Reworks September 13 Resprites:
Bugfixes September 11 Changes:
The Hallowed One Changes
Biomologist Changes
Bugfixes September 8 Bosses:
Supreme Hallowed One
The Hallowed One Changes
Rebalancing September 7 Changes:
The Hallowed One Changes
Bugfixes September 1 Items:
Elemental Tornado Staff
Bugfixes August 31 Items:
Elemental Barrage • Elemental Strike
The Nuke
Yoyo Reworks
Bugfixes August 26 August 22 August 13 August 10
1.1.8 July 2 June 22 June 21 June 19 June 17 June 17 June 17 June 16
1.1.7 June 11 June 1 May 22 May 19 May 16 May 15
1.1.6 May 15 May 14 May 14 May 14 May 14
1.1.5 May 13
1.1.4 May 9 February 16 February 16 February 11 February 10 February 9
1.1.3 February 9
1.1.2 February 7
1.1.1 February 7
1.1 February 7
1.0.2 February 7
1.0.1 February 7 February 7 The Hallowed One just got buffed and added a whole new phase when at around 25% health. Fixed some small problems, dragon-type summononing minions will be polished in the next-next update. Changed some of the Biomologist messages and made his health the same as all the other Town NPCs. The Hallowed One boss fight will no longer change drastically for a while now, since I am pleased at how difficult and kinda fun it is. All New remix for The Hallowed One's theme! The Hallowed One harder and different in Expert Mode for a better challenge! Added a joke Supreme Hallowed One that is extremely hard to beat and doesn't drop anything special at the moment. I will change it a bit during the small updates, but in it will be removed and an actual boss with cool items will replace it. Balanced some weapons and nerfed Lunar Reaver's piercing. Also made The Hallowed One harder and different in Expert Mode for a better challenge! Completely re-made The Hallowed One's boss fight to be more exciting, fun and difficult! Fixed Gold Rush Amulet(Doesn't slow your pick speed anymore!). Lots of pre-hardmode balancing. Dark Matter is being worked upon, will add much more. Fixed some big problems!(Will do more fixes, doing a playthrough with other mods to find bugs or unbalanced stuff). Added lots of unobtainable stuff that will be finished by Added Elemental Tornado Staff, which summons 4 tornadoes to fight for you. Fixed other summon weapons a bit. Changed other stuff a bit. Will be making smaller updates, since will be a bit bigger update than normal. Added Elemental Barrage, Elemental Strike and an unobtainable weapon that will get implemented along with other similar weapons throughout these smaller updates. Balanced and fixed Elemental Blade. Slowly making Yoyos unique. Re-sprited The Nuke(Was kinda... stolen before...) Added 4 New Enemies that spawn after killing Skeletron Prime in Hardmode, Aero Eye (Space at Night), Earthen Hurter(Underground at any time), Frost Flaker(Snow Biome at Night) and Fire Guardian(Underworld/Hell at any time)! Changed the tooltips and rarities of the Frost, Fire, Earth and Air shards, also changed Elemental Blade recipe. Changed Mod Description a bit.

Version Updated to tModLoader 0.11.4. Reworked Steele Edge. Added Elemental Blade, Fire Shard, Frost Shard, Earth Shard and Air Shard (More Elemental stuff coming up in the next Update). Lots of enemies drop the Elemental Shards. Changed some small things and fixed a problem with Cultists. Slowly adding sprites for 1.2 update ;)

Version Added Plasma Torrent, Splitter Bomb(perfect for making holes) that can be crafter or bought from Demolitionist after Wall of Flesh, also Super Powered Arrows have been remade. Added expert mode Treasure Bag to The Hallowed One! More resprites! Added some more recipes for vanilla items. Fixed Stroid Defender spawning issues, increased some spawn-rates, Fixed Thanite Bow Recipe. Some balancing and minor changes. Plasmite Items are going to be remastered in the upcoming updates, we will be doing the same with Thanite after Plasmite is remastered.

Version Updated to the latest tModLoader version hopefully. Added an attack to The Hallowed One and fixed some of the weird behaviour(still working on the projectiles) also tail doesn't dissapear too much anymore. Changed Lunar Weaver to Lunar Reaver. Fixed recipe of the Lunar Sigil(You can now finally craft it without cheating), Made the Stroid Meteor a bit bigger. Improvements to Multiplayer, but the body of the Hallowed one still dissapears mid-fight(still killable but harder).

Version 1.1.8: Added Lunacy Event, which is a Post-Moonlord Invasion. Added Lunar Weaver, Lunar Phantom, Lunar Fracturation, Lunar Fragments, Lunar Gloves, Lunar Sigil, Corruption Necklace, Crimson Necklace, The Infinity, UpperCharge, RainCharge, Supreme Mania Builder, Supreme Glades, Phantasm Dragon Staff and possibly other things. Completely removed Galactic Destroyer and Slicer. Changed Builder Mania to Mania Builder and changed Lunar Knives Recipe. Onyx Scythe and other weapon balancing. Fixed most selling and buying prices. Finally fixed the big Stroid Eel bug(Thanks to Ancients Awakened mod source :3) and some other weird behaviours. Added boss to "Boss Checklist" mod. Known bugs: The Hallowed One tail dissapears sometimes. Removed Stroid Meteor theme due to some issues.

Version Added a Hat in Time, Lunar Knives and Builder Mania. Also added recipes for most Travelling Merchant shop items.

Version Added SquiddyInc hat and Onyx Scythe. Fixed some stuff(Stroid Eel is still kinda buggy, if someone knows how to fix it then join our Discord and tell me :3)

Version Added an Summoner Armor Set for Stroid and a Stardust Dragon like Summon called the Stroid Eel(spawning too many will make its tail go into its body?)! Nerfed The Hallowed One a bit. Minion Weapons can now force target enemies.

Version Added 3 new Potions(Nature Potion, Crimson Potion and Corruption Potion). Buffed and nerfed some Hardmode weapons. Celestial Phoenix is OP again. Nerfed Potion of Power. Some small bug fixes and sprites, projectiles being the wrong way.

Version Added Chlorophyte Bullet Pouch again, also added RockSteele Bullet Pouch and Blazing Bullet Pouch. Buffed Terra Blade and Terruption. Fixed sell prices a bit(Still Working on this).

Version Added Fire Blade, Flamebrand, Deep Sea Glaive(Left-Click and Right-Click do different attacks) and Star Falcon. Remade Terruption and made Galactic swords uncraftable for now. Changed some stuff, balanced some stuff and fixed an annoying bug. Added Recipe for Trident. Buffed Trident and a lot of vanilla Pre-hardmode swords to make them viable! Some other stuff too I think.

Version Added Onyx Cannon. Buffed Ice Blade, Frostburn and Daybreak a lot, also added recipes for Ice Blade, Frostburn and Feral Claws. A new Enemy now spawns in the Hallowed at day time after the Hallowed One has been defeated! Added a recipe for the Rod of Discord. Fixed Biomologist shop prices and added more chat lines for him! Lots more balancing, some bug fixes and stuff. New Logo(WIP) and changed home page back to Terraria Forums(was Discord server before).

Version 1.1.7: A fandom wikipedia page is coming! Join our discord to get the links to all our websites! Added a Hallowed boss that you fight after Plantera! Added a Stroid Meteor that spawns when The Hallowed One dies and 2 cool enemies that spawn near the Stroid Meteor. With the meteor you can make a whole lot of new weapons. A new Town NPC that can come after you kill any Mech Boss! Added 1 enemy that spawns at Night in Hardmode. Added more Swords throughout the game. So much more stuff and balancing aswell. Tons of re-sprites. And all the stuff I can't remember!

Version Added 2 new guns, 1 new bow(spawns in Dungeon Locked Chests or can be crafted) and balanced some stuff. Nerfed swords and guns. Increased Rocksteele and Thanite spawn rate. A lot more re-sprites and fixed some particle spams. Some other things that I can't remember aswell :)

Version Some resprites, Thanite sword balancing, some ore spawning fixes, again...

Version Added 3 new accessories! Even More Re-sprites and changed the Mod Icon to something better! Bunch of balancing and fixes! These are some of the bugs that were fixed: Bombs are able destroy the hardmode ores, ore spawning again after rejoining a world. Also added a teaser item of a future update that cannot be obtained normally.

Version Added sound and fixed sound on the ores. IAW nerf and tons of new sprites! (Accidentally added a WIP pet as well. Oops)

Version Ore Spawning FULLY fixed, works in Single-player AND Multiplayer! Optimized fps a bit as well! New re-sprite for the Steele Edge! Also some small bug fixes. Completely reworked 2 pre-hardmode pickaxes, changed some recipes and also added some new ones!

Version 1.1.6: Sorry for having really buggy ore spawning for a while, but it is finally fixed! Ores spawn normally(mostly) in multiplayer now as well! Rocksteele and Thanite finally spawn in the world normally! Again, I am super sorry!

Version Fixed broken swinging on tools and some weapons. Possibly fixed multiplayer compatibility for ore spawning. Fixed the IAW price and reforge cost, also nerfed a bit. Balanced the 2 Pre-hardmode boomerangs, not that OP anymore. Some small bug fixes.

Version Multiplayer compatibility fixing in progress...

Version Multiplayer compatibility and Ore spawning fixing in progress...

Version Added 2 boomerangs for Pre-hardmode. Added a Potion of Power and some Quality of Life recipes

Version Fixed a major bug that may happen after killing Plantera. Changed some of the sprites slightly. Added an explosive that only madlads would use! Plantera now has a 33% chance to drop a new magic weapon called the Plantasmoid!

Version 1.1.5: Completely different ore spawning(Ore spawns after killing a specific boss)! A ton of new tools! New ranged weapons and finally magic weapons! 2 New Ores(WIP, cuz not too many things to make with them)! A few resprites and added sounds for weapons that didn't have them(Most of them anyway)!

Version 1.1.4: Added a brand new ore called "Plasmite", 5 new weapons, a new buff, a bit of optimization, balanced swords a lot, most sprites have been changed and completely re-done the projectiles. Also I added particles and dust to most weapons!

Version Added a link to the Archeon Mod thread!

Version Added 2 new swords! A new debuff aswell!

Version Added a Melee accessory and a Sword for Late game! Also added a new Debuff, which the Galactic Destroyer uses!

Version Added RockSteele Wings! Blazing Bullets now burn enemies, lowered crit chance on guns. New artwork for RockSteele Armor(Most of the artwork is still WIP)

Version Fixed the Ore and world loading bug. Changed Ore spawn rates and made them spawn deeper!

Version 1.1.3: New Phoenix collection Gun. Balancing weapons and ore spawn rate! 1 New Bullet and 1 new Bullet Pouch! A WIP ore called Thanite is available to mine aswell!

Version 1.1.2: New artwork for items. Balanced some weapons, added crit chance to RockSteele armor and some weapons.

Version 1.1.1: A small bit or balancing.

Version 1.1: A new gun to the Phoenix Collection. Changed a lot of the crafting recipes and some balancing.