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This is the official page of the Archery Overhaul Mod, currently under development by Riptide. It focuses on improving the archery class in Terraria. The Archery Mod currently adds over 100 items related to archery, whether it be NPCs, arrows, accessories, weapons, armor, and more.

Core Features

Archery Overhaul doesn't just add in more bows and arrows; it creates a better archery experience. Here are some of the unique features Archery Overhaul has to offer.:

. Critical hits on arrows create a splash-damaging shockwave

. Arrow impacts have custom sounds and particle effects

. Quivers visually equip onto the player

. Arrow Pouches drop from enemies, which scale with game progression

. All ranged weapons have autoswing by default

. Bar conversion is supported

Join the Community!

I don't just do terraria modding; I'm also a game developer! Join my discord community for some fun and get some cool previews of upcoming content!

Donor Items

Some supporters of the mod get to have a special Donor Item dedicated to them. To support this mod, you can become a patron with the link below:

Mod Contents

Items[edit | edit source]

Long Bow (Archery Mod).png Weapons[edit | edit source]

String (Archery Mod).png Materials[edit | edit source]

Stone Arrow (Archery Mod).png Arrows[edit | edit source]

Archer (Archery Mod).png NPCs[edit | edit source]

Sturdy Quiver (Archery Mod).png Accessories[edit | edit source]