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The Argantium Reborn mod adds many crafting materials to Terraria.

Materials[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Availability From
Bonelion Mandible Bonelion (Argantium Reborn).pngBonelion
Broken Shard (Argantium Reborn).png
Broken Shard After Queen Slime has been defeated Queen Slime (Argantium Reborn).pngQueen Slime
Duck Feather (Argantium Reborn).png
Duck Feather Duck.pngDuck
Gem Stone (Argantium Reborn).png
Gem Stone 1 Diamond.pngDiamond, 1 Ruby.pngRuby, 1 Emerald.pngEmerald, 1 Sapphire.pngSapphire, 1 Topaz.pngTopaz and 1 Amethyst.pngAmethyst  @  Anvil.pngAnvil
Leather Band (Argantium Reborn).png
Leather Band 1 Leather.pngLeather  @  Work Bench.pngWork Bench
Steel Bar (Argantium Reborn).png
Steel Bar 4 Iron Bar.pngIron Bars and 2 Lignite (Argantium Reborn).pngLignite   @   Blast Furnace (Argantium Reborn).pngBlast Furnace
Mallard Duck Feather (Argantium Reborn.png
Mallard Duck Feather Mallard Duck.pngMallard Duck
Sigil of the Stars (Argantium Reborn).gif
Sigil of the Stars After Skeletron has been defeated Skeletron Head.pngSkeletron
Stone Fragment (Argantium Reborn).png
Stone Fragment Stone Slime (Argantium Reborn).pngStone Slime
Vulture Feather (Argantium Reborn).png
Vulture Feather Vulture.pngVulture
Giant Lens No idea, maybe Eye of Cthulhu after some boss was defeated

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Availability From
Broken Hero Bow (Argantium Reborn).png
Broken Hero Bow After all Mechanical Bosses has been defeated Mothron.pngMothron
Lemon Shark Fin (Argantium Reborn).png
Lemon Shark Fin After Plantera has been defeated Lemon Shark (Argantium Reborn).pngLemon Shark
Magic Overloader (Argantium Reborn).gif
Magic Overloader Hallowed Mimic.pngHallowed Mimic
Natures Core (Argantium Reborn.png
Nature's Core After Plantera has been defeated Plantera.pngPlantera
The Key (Argantium Reborn).png
The Key After Skeletron Prime has been defeated Skeletron Prime.pngSkeletron Prime