Queen Slime

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Queen Slime
Queen Slime (Argantium Reborn).png
AI TypeQueen Slime AI
Max Life1000
Coins50 Silver Coin.png
Map Icon
Not to be confused with the vanilla boss of the same name.

The Queen Slime is a Pre-Hardmode boss. Her appearance is that of a massive Pinky wearing a jeweled platinum crown.

When Queen Slime spawns, the status message "Queen Slime has awoken!" appears, and then once defeated, "Queen Slime has been defeated!". When Queen Slime is initially defeated for the first time in a world, the status message "Slimes are rising from stone." will appear.

While Queen Slime is alive, music Boss 1 will play.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Queen Slime can be spawned by having a player use a Gel Crown. This can be done on the surface at any time.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

The Queen Slime attacks in a similar way to the King Slime, however the Queen Slime doesn't spawn smaller slimes or teleport, but shoots a fast projectile towards the player that can pass through walls when below 75% health.