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DirtballGif (Zylon).gif
Damage11 / 25
Max Life590 / 890

Spawn[edit | edit source]

Dirtball has a low chance of spawning naturally if not defeated yet in the world. It can also be summoned with a Creepy Mud, which can be crafted or has a 1% chance of being dropped by enemies if Dirtball hasn't been defeated in the world.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

To deal damage to dirtball, you must first shrink its size by hitting it 100 / 125 times.

Dirtball will chase the player slowly, but it gets faster depending on its size.

It will also:

1. Shoot balls of dirt directly towards the player. In expert mode, the dirtballs will shoot projectiles similar to the dirt rod projectiles.

2. Rain the Dirt Rod projectiles from the sky. They will collide with tiles but not spawn dirt.

Damaging Dirtball will spawn Dirty Slimes and Dirty Discuses.

If not defeated in the world, the following messages are displayed to the player:

Dirtball's gigantic mud shell renders it undamageable! There must be a way to shrink its size...

It seems that hitting Dirtball shakes some of its mud off...

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Dirtball can be harder than King Slime, Ancient Desert Discus and/or Eye of Cthulhu if the player has a low amount of defense because of the large amount of projectiles it spawns during the battle.
  • While Dirtball is not immune to any debuffs, debuffs don't affect Dirtball's size while it is immune to damage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dirtball was changed to a miniboss when the two upgrades of the boss (which have been removed and Dirtball became a boss again), Meatball and Mechaball, were added. Meatball returned to the mod as an enemy, though Mechaball now belongs to Mr. Raccoon who is currently developing the Asteri Mod. Asteri's Mechaball is now a reference to Zylon's Dirtball.
  • Dirtball originally spawned random slimes instead of Dirty Slimes and Dirty Discuses.
  • Dirtball is the joke boss of the mod.
  • Braycoe has said that Dirtball is going to be getting a post-moon lord rematch, but has not recieved one yet.
  • Dirtball is one the only npcs in the mod with semi-butcher protection.
  • Dirtball's rare spawning was based off of the original Toy Slime from the Elements Awoken mod.
  • Dirtball's boss summon drop is based off of the mechanical bosses.
  • Dirtball's invincibility is based off of the Plasm Wrath from Pikmin 3.