Casket of the Poor

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Casket of the Poor
TypeGrab bag

The Casket of the Poor is an object that is generated when a new world is created. In total, exactly 7 caskets appear in the world, their location is dungeons. The casket can be destroyed by any pickaxe, when destroyed, the object of the same name falls.

The Casket of the Poor can be opened by right-clicking on an item in the inventory, but only if the player has a Master Key.

An open casket can be used by clicking on it in the open inventory.

To find the boxes, the player will have to use a Mercury Mirror.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Item Amount Rate
File:Dwarf Coin (Bismuth Mod).pngDwarf Coin 1-3 100%
File:Emerald Tablet Shard (Bismuth Mod).pngEmerald Tablet Shard 1 100%
File:Ring of Omnipotence (Bismuth Mod).pngRing of Omnipotence 1 100% (In the seventh box)