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Biome Banner Swamp(Bismuth).png

The Swamp is a Groggy Biome That is encountered on the World's Surface. This biome includes 1 enemy, 2 Structres, 2 Debuffs, and 1 Boss.

Swamp Mud will inflict Swamp Quagmire when stepped on, a Debuff that Slows down the player.

The Water in this Biome will also inflict Health Devourment, Which will Rapidly Sap the players Health.

While in the Biome, The Underground Crimson Theme plays.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Drops

On The Surface:

File:Toad (Bismuth Mod).pngToad
File:Swamp Witch (Bismuth Mod).pngSwamp Witch (boss)
From Toads:
File:Toad's Eye (Bismuth Mod).pngToad's Eye
File:Toad Gun (Bismuth Mod).pngToad Gun

From terrain:

File:Swamp Mud (Bismuth Mod).pngSwamp Mud
File:Swamp Wood (Bismuth Mod).pngSwamp Wood
File:Peat Block (Bismuth Mod).pngPeat Block