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Calamity's Vanities is a vanity addon for the Calamity Mod that focuses on expanding upon the mod through various cosmetic additions.

The mod adds dozens of pets and mounts inspired by the Calamity Mods bosses and enemies found throughout the world as well as a variety of furniture, vanity pieces and critters to liven up your appearance and the world you live in.

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Calamity's Vanities
Mod Portals
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V for Vanities! (placed) (Calamity's Vanities).pngCredits
  • Current Owner of Calamity's Vanities: YuH
  • Former Owner and Creator of Calamity's Vanities: Hypera
  • Coders: Kawaggy, Potato Person, willowmaine
  • Spriters: Yharex87, TimerFun, William, Mochi, Blockaroz, willowmaine
Community Members:
  • Wiki Editors: Krantuckety, BabyBlueSheep, Lucca
  • Sprite contributors: Cooper, Enreden, KaiPanda, Ryanlolz1, NnickykunN, Gamagamer64, L0st, MrPlague, IbanPlay, caligulasAquarium, Mathew Maple, Altzeus, Krysmun, Leon, Vectix
  • Phupperbat: Extra code help
  • Seraph and Dominic: For their assistance in the creation of worm pets
  • BumbleDoge: For coming up with the Bumbledoge pet
  • Ramgear: For designing the Polter-Chan pet
  • Aidyo05: For inspiring the name of Charletron