Suspicious Looking GBC

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Suspicious Looking GBC
  • Suspicious Looking GBC item sprite
TypePet Summon
TooltipWhat could this mean?
Grants BuffAndroomba (buff) (Calamity's Vanities).pngAndroomba
Buff tooltipNyoooom!
RarityRarity color bright orange (Calamity's Vanities).png
Buy / Sell2 Platinum Coin / 40 Gold Coin
Summons Pet


Androomba (Calamity's Vanities).gif

The Suspicious Looking GBC is a pet summoning item sold by the Oracle after Calamitas has been defeated. It summons an Andromeda themed roomba to follow the player.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The pet is based off of a scrapped boss from Calamity known as "Andromeda".