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The Celestial Infernal Mod adds a lot of Weapons.

Melee weapons[edit | edit source]

Swords[edit | edit source]

The majority of melee weapons in the Celestial Infernal Mod are swords that typically swing over your head.

Hardened Wood Sword (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngHardened Wood Sword Blood Drop Sword (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngBlood Drop Sword Slimy Sword (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngSlimy Sword Feathered Sword (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngFeathered Sword Royal Mushroom Sword (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngRoyal Mushroom Sword Obsidian Broadsword (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngObsidian Broadsword
Meteor Blade (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngMeteor Blade Demon's Claw (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngDemon's Claw Demonic Scythe (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngDemonic Scythe Light's Butcherer (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngLight's Butcherer File:Heavenly Sword (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngHeavenly Sword Fang Scythe (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngFang Scythe
File:Fang Shortsword (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngFang Shortsword File:Crystalline Claymore (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngCrystalline Claymore File:Overcharged Enchanted Sword (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngOvercharged Enchanted Sword File:Star Anger (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngStar Anger File:Celestial Sword (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngCelestial Sword File:Blizzard Blade (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngBlizzard Blade
Spooky Sword (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngSpooky Sword Moss Keeper (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngMoss Keeper File:Buster Sword (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngBuster Sword

Spears[edit | edit source]

The Celestial Infernal Mod introduces two new spears.

Lentinula Lance (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngLentinula Lance File:The Stinger (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngThe Stinger

Flails[edit | edit source]

The Celestial Infernal Mod introduces a single flail.

File:Thorn Flail (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngThorn Flail

Ranged weapons[edit | edit source]

Bows[edit | edit source]

These weapons typically consume arrows. There is one exception, however.

File:Daybloom Bow (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngDaybloom Bow File:Hardened Wood Bow (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngHardened Wood Bow File:Blood Drop Bow (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngBlood Drop Bow File:Slimy Bow (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngSlimy Bow File:Featherous Bow (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngFeatherous Bow File:Winged Bow (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngWinged Bow
File:Enchanted Bow (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngEnchanted Bow File:Long Bow (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngLong Bow Royal Mushroom Bow (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngRoyal Mushroom Bow Demonic Bow (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngDemonic Bow Spore-Shooter (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngSpore-Shooter Shelly Island (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngShelly Island
Putrid Bow (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngPutrid Bow Fright's Solfege (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngFright's Solfege File:Heavenly Bow (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngHeavenly Bow File:Dense Pixie Repeater (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngDense Pixie Repeater File:Overcharged Enchanted Bow (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngOvercharged Enchanted Bow File:True Fright's Solfege (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngTrue Fright's Solfege
File:True Hallowed Repeater (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngTrue Hallowed Repeater File:Spooky Bow (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngSpooky Bow File:Mossbow (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngMossbow

Guns[edit | edit source]

These weapons usually consume bullets.

File:Blunderbass (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngBlunderbass File:Hellfire Pistol (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngHellfire Pistol File:Gigashark (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngGigashark Chloros Cleanse (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngChloros Cleanse

Magic weapons[edit | edit source]

Staves[edit | edit source]

These weapons are typically decently sized and have something on the end.

File:Wand of Frosting (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngWand of Frosting File:Wand of Wetting (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngWand of Wetting Igneous Wand (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngIgneous Wand File:Moonglow Staff (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngMoonglow Staff File:Ice Spike Staff (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngIce Spike Staff File:Blood Drop Staff (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngBlood Drop Staff
File:Slimy Wand (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngSlimy Wand File:Star Wand (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngStar Wand Royal Mushroom Staff (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngRoyal Mushroom Staff File:Beheaded Spitter (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngBeheaded Spitter File:Hellbender (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngHellbender Demonic Trident (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngDemonic Trident
Putrid Wand (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngPutrid Wand File:Cobalt Staff (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngCobalt Staff File:Palladium Staff (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngPalladium Staff File:Mythril Staff (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngMythril Staff File:Orichalcum Staff (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngOrichalcum Staff File:Titanium Staff (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngTitanium Staff
File:Star Cane (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngStar Cane File:Heavenly Staff (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngHeavenly Staff File:Stave of the Stars (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngStave of the Stars

Magic Guns[edit | edit source]

They're like guns, but magical.

File:Mini-Nebula Gun (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngMini-Nebula Gun

Other magic weapons[edit | edit source]

These don't fall under any of the normal magic weapon categories.

File:Adamantite Megaphone (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngAdamantite Megaphone File:Sorcerer's Blade (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngSorcerer's Blade

Summoning weapons[edit | edit source]

Minions[edit | edit source]

These weapons summon projectiles that follow their summoner.

Crimtick Cane (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngCrimtick Cane Leather-skinned Staff (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngLeather-skinned Staff

Throwing weapons[edit | edit source]

Consumables[edit | edit source]

These weapons are consumed when used.

Iron Cutlery (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngIron Cutlery Lead Cutlery (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngLead Cutlery Cursed Knife (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngCursed Knife Ichor Knife (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngIchor Knife

Non-consumables[edit | edit source]

These aren't consumed when used.

File:King Kunai (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngKing Kunai File:Boomerench (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngBoomerench File:Cobalt Knife (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngCobalt Knife File:Adamantite Bolas (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngAdamantite Bolas