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Champion Mod

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Welcome to the Champion Mod wiki page!

Logo (Champion Mod).png

The Champion Mod is a mod that was created to try and make Terraria more interesting. The mod is currently in development but is available to be downloaded by the public.

Discord Invite Link

Crafting Materials

The Champion Mod was created on August 16, 2018 by Discord user Cornetto. It started as a small group and slowly evolved into a large community. The group started out slow and eventually stopped activity for a short amount of time before reviving as strong as ever.


Cornetto - Director, Creator of the Mod, Admin
iFlicky - Vice Director, Musician, Admin
Mariothedog - Main Coder, Admin
Unpleasant - Coder, Moderator
RandomTerrarian - Main Spriter
JoJo - Spriter, Moderator
God Echdemort - Spriter
Alpha Destroyer 32768 - Wiki Editor
Magicmason1000 - Wiki Editor
Steviegt6 - Minor Spriter, Minor Coder, Wiki Editor