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Chaotic Uprising adds several new biomes, structures and dimensions, each with unique loot, generation and enemies.

Biomes[edit | edit source]

The Darkness[edit | edit source]

File:BiomeBannerDarkness (Chaotic Uprising).png

The Darkness is a biome that spawns in the sky above the Jungle. It is comprised of two parts: the barren Outer Darkness and the sphere-like Inner Darkness.

The Reef[edit | edit source]

File:BiomeBannerReef (Chaotic Uprising).png

The Reef is an oceanic biome that is generated when the player uses a Pendant of Aquatic Awakening on the Aquatic Awakening Altar while it is raining. It generates underground and spreads rapidly, filling a rectangular area with Reef Rock and water. It has unique enemies and gear through all of progression, as well as a special minibiome, the Dark Reef.

Structures[edit | edit source]

Infestation Nests[edit | edit source]

File:BiomeBannerInfestation (Chaotic Uprising).png

Infestation creatures will occasionally build nests made of a special wall, which allows for egg-layers to lay more eggs and the infestation to spread quicker.

Infected Cave[edit | edit source]


The Infected Cave is a large, underground circle made up of the stone of the opposite world evil (Crimson in Corruption worlds, Corruption in Crimson worlds). It mainly serves as a quality-of-life addition to make it possible to obtain certain items.

Dimensions[edit | edit source]

The Abyss[edit | edit source]

File:BiomeBannerAbyss (Chaotic Uprising).png

The Abyss is a dimension in the mod accessed by entering a Wormhole in the Darkness. Currently it has barely any content and mainly stands as a proof-of-concept. It has no natural light, and if there is light present for too long, the player will be swarmed by massive amounts of dangerous and very powerful enemies (????s, Ancient Skulls and Ancient Nightmares).

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