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Enemies[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode Enemies[edit | edit source]

File:Bleeder (Chaotic Uprising).pngBleeder File:Colossal Jellyfish (Chaotic Uprising).pngColossal Jellyfish File:Deep Sea Squid (Chaotic Uprising).pngDeep Sea Squid File:Electric Eel (Chaotic Uprising).pngElectric Eel
File:Reef Fish (Chaotic Uprising).pngReef Fish File:Reef Hermit (Chaotic Uprising).pngReef Hermit File:Young Charger (Chaotic Uprising).pngYoung Charger File:Young Serpent (Chaotic Uprising).pngYoung Serpent

Hardmode Enemies[edit | edit source]

File:Ancient Serpent (Chaotic Uprising).pngAncient Serpent File:Aqua Weaver (Chaotic Uprising).pngAqua Weaver File:Charger (Chaotic Uprising).pngCharger File:Electric Leviathan (Chaotic Uprising).pngElectric Leviathan
File:Giant Electric Eel (Chaotic Uprising).pngGiant Electric Eel File:Great White Shark (Chaotic Uprising).pngGreat White Shark File:Large Reef Fish (Chaotic Uprising).pngLarge Reef Fish File:Serpent (Chaotic Uprising).pngSerpent

Chaos Mode Enemies[edit | edit source]

File:???? (Chaotic Uprising).png???? File:Abyssalfire Spitter (Chaotic Uprising).pngAbyssalfire Spitter File:Ancient Skull (Chaotic Uprising).pngAncient Skull File:Ancient Nightmare (Chaotic Uprising).pngAncient Nightmare
File:Blood Elemental (Chaotic Uprising).pngBlood Elemental File:Dark Bat (Chaotic Uprising).pngDark Bat File:Dark Spirit (Chaotic Uprising).pngDark Spirit File:Deadly Oculus (Chaotic Uprising).pngDeadly Oculus
File:Demon Skull (Chaotic Uprising).pngDemon Skull File:Enraged Blood Zombie (Chaotic Uprising).pngEnraged Blood Zombie File:Freed Dungeon Wraith (Chaotic Uprising).pngFreed Dungeon Wraith File:Imbued Crimera (Chaotic Uprising).pngImbued Crimera
File:Imbued Eater (Chaotic Uprising).pngImbued Eater File:Metal Feeder (Chaotic Uprising).pngMetal Feeder File:Mutated Charger (Chaotic Uprising).pngMutated Charger File:Scout Probe (Chaotic Uprising).pngScout Probe
File:Sea Serpent (Chaotic Uprising).pngSea Serpent File:Slime Praetorian (Chaotic Uprising).pngSlime Praetorian File:Swollen Drippler (Chaotic Uprising).pngSwollen Drippler File:Terra Slime (Chaotic Uprising).pngTerra Slime
File:Wormhole (Chaotic Uprising).pngWormhole

Infestation Types[edit | edit source]

File:Baby (Chaotic Uprising).pngBaby File:Worker (Chaotic Uprising).pngWorker File:Egg (Chaotic Uprising).pngEgg File:Egg-Layer (Chaotic Uprising).pngEgg-Layer
File:Matriarch (Chaotic Uprising).pngMatriarch File:Spitter (Chaotic Uprising).pngSpitter File:Stalker (Chaotic Uprising).pngStalker File:Swarmer (Chaotic Uprising).pngSwarmer
File:Tank (Chaotic Uprising).pngTank File:Warrior (Chaotic Uprising).pngWarrior

Minibosses[edit | edit source]

Lunar Digger (Chaotic Uprising).pngLunar Digger Nightmare (Chaotic Uprising).pngNightmare Reaper Starlight Reaper (Chaotic Uprising).pngStarlight Reaper

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Abyssal Chaos (Chaotic Uprising).pngAbyssal Chaos Halion (Chaotic Uprising).pngHalion, the End of the Abyss Jraconyx (Chaotic Uprising).pngJraconyx

Boss Servants[edit | edit source]

File:Abyssal Shade (Chaotic Uprising).pngAbyssal Shade File:Bloodlust Eye (Chaotic Uprising).pngBloodlust Eye File:Ravenous Eye (Chaotic Uprising).pngRavenous Eye