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Icon (Clicker Class).pngThe Mod

The Clicker Class mod is a small-scale content mod for Terraria created by DivermanSam, the head developer of the popular Thorium Mod. It is a parody of clicker games, adding a new Clicker class with clicker weapons based around clicking enemies to deal damage, with special effects occurring after clicking enough times. The Clicker class is generally developed for a vanilla playthrough, featuring 44 weapons, 3 armor sets, and 10 accessories.

Gamer Crate (Clicker Class).pngMechanics
Clicker Class:
The Clicker (Clicker Class).pngWeapons • Mice Suit (Clicker Class).pngArmor • Cookie (Clicker Class).pngAccessories • Mice Fragment (Clicker Class).png Miscellaneous • Gamer Crate (Clicker Class).png Mechanics ( Haste (Clicker Class).pngBuffs • Embrittle (Clicker Class).pngDebuffs )