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The Clicker Class mod adds 5 new buffs for the Clicker class.

Clicker[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Source Effect Tooltip Duration
Auto Click (Clicker Class).png Auto Click Shroomite Clicker
  • Grants auto-use to the Shroomite Clicker
  • Nerfs use time from 1 to 4
Hold down the Left Mouse Button to auto click 5 seconds
Cookie (buff) (Clicker Class).png Cookie Cookie
Milk n' Cookies
Chocolate Milk n' Cookies
  • +10% click damage
  • +20% clicker radius
  • Increased life regeneration
Increases your click damage, radius, and life regeneration 5-10 seconds
Haste (Clicker Class).png Haste Cobalt Clicker
  • +20% movement speed
  • +200% jump speed
Movement speed and jump speed increased 5 seconds
Influence (Clicker Class).png Influence Influence Potion
  • +20% clicker radius
Increases your base click radius by 20% 5 minutes
Overclock (Clicker Class).png Overclock Overclock armor
  • Reduces the amount of clicks required for a click effect by 100%
Every click will trigger a clicker effect 3 seconds
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