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The Clicker Class mod adds 4 new debuffs inflicted from clicker clicker effects.

Clicker[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Source Effect Tooltip Duration
Embrittle (Clicker Class).png Embrittle Mythril Clicker
  • Target takes extra 8 damage from clickers
Clicks will deal 8 extra damage to this target 4 seconds
Frozen (Clicker Class).png Frozen Frozen Clicker
  • Target unable to move; does not affect bosses or certain large enemies
Frozen in place 2 seconds
Gouge (Clicker Class).png Gouge Bone Clicker
  • Losing 30 life a second
Rapidly losing life 1 second
Honey (Clicker Class).png Honey Honey Glazed Clicker
  • Horizontal speed decreased by 25%; does not affect bosses or certain large enemies
Movement speed significantly reduced 1.5 seconds
Clicker Class:
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