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Lepus (Consolaria).png
AI TypeLepus AI
Damage50 /60
Max Life9000 /9500
Defense8 /10
Lepus Map Icon.png
Map Icon
Lepus Egg
Suspicious Looking Egg.png Suspicious Looking Egg.png
Max Life25

Lepus is a large rabbit boss that can be summoned with the Suspicious Looking Egg, which is dropped by Corrupt Bunnies, Crimtane Bunny and Diseaster Bunnies during the Easter season. When summoned, the message "Lepus has awoken!" will display. Lepus can only be spawned during the daytime.

At first, Lepus will slowly walk forward, occasionally turning to face the player. After a while, it will briefly stand still, launch a Lepus Egg, and then quickly jump towards the player.

Lepus lays two types of Lepus Eggs: small ones that hatch Diseaster Bunnies, and bigger ones that hatch another weaker Lepus. These eggs can be damaged and destroyed by the player before hatching. A maximum of five Lepus can be spawned from the large eggs laid by the original Lepus, and after there are five, no more large eggs will be laid. Each Lepus will drop items, but only the last one will drop loot. If Lepus is defeated while an unhatched large egg is still present, it will spawn around 3–6 Diseaster Bunnies instead of a new Lepus.

While Lepus is alive, music Underground Hallow will play.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Defeating Lepus will not fulfill the requirement for the Dryad NPC to spawn.
  • Lepus has the second most health out of all the pre-Hardmode bosses, more than the health of the Wall of Flesh and less than the health of Turkor the Ungrateful.
  • Lepus will always spawn towards the center of the map. If the player is to the right of the center, Lepus will spawn on the left and vice versa.
  • The large number of Diseaster Bunnies spawned by Lepus, combined with the fact that he drops his summon item when he dies, makes Lepus a very viable method for getting Biome Keys.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Lepus can be trapped easily, since it cannot fit through small gaps, but its smaller Diseaster Bunnies can still reach the player.
  • Trapping Lepus in a deep enough pit and firing downward can also be effective.
  • Lepus can easily overwhelm beginners by spawning more, weaker versions of himself, so destroying the Lepus Eggs should be a priority.
  • Like most seasonal content, Lepus can be fought by changing the device's date to a day in April, when Easter is set to occur. Not all devices will allow the date to be changed, however.
  • It is possible to farm coins by creating a pit with traps (preferably Lihzahrd) and jumping in with the traps disabled. The player can then grab the coins and grapple out (with no fear due to all the dropped hearts).
  • Lepus can be attacked while the player takes low to no damage by making a tall staircase mostly because Lepus has such a large and odd AI causing him to slide down stairs at the end of a leap, however Diseaster Bunnies can use stairs correctly.
  • When in Hardmode, summoning Lepus in different biomes can be used to farm their rare Biome Key Molds, but the player must be careful to let small eggs hatch and not to kill the Lepus itself.
  • If Lepus spawns too many clones, try going a distance away to get some to despawn. One can always check the minimap to see how many Lepus there are.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lepus has an unused animation: instead of standing before making an egg, it would close its eyes and fold its ears, then open its eyes and mouth, and lift its ears up.
  • The word "Lepus" means "hare" in Latin, and is used today as the name of the genus that hares and jackrabbits belong to. Rabbits, known alternatively as "bunnies" and associated with Easter, are not actually members of Lepus.
  • Lepus used to drop Greater Healing Potions even before Hardmode was added until it was patched in 1.2. This made it by far the easiest way to obtain large amounts of Greater Healing Potions.
  • Lepus' corpse parts use the Corrupt Bunny texture.