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Cosmivengeon adds some Accessories to Terraria

Combat Accessories[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect Visible On The Player
Prowler Necklace (Cosmivengeon).png Prowler Necklace Increases player's armor penetration by 3, Enemies are more likely to target the player Tango Cross1.png
Snowscale Coat (Cosmivengeon).png Snowscale Coat Gives 6 defense and increases damage by 5% while in the Snow biome, Grants immunity to Chilled debuff and makes all attacks have a chance to inflic Frostburn Tango Tick1.png
Frost Demon's Horn (Cosmivengeon).png Frost Demon's Horn While Whole - Movement speed is increased by 35%, damage increased by 10% and defense reduced by 15 , While Broken - Movement speed decreased by 15% Tango Tick1.png

Music Boxes[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect Visible On The Player
Music Box (Draek) (Cosmivengeon).png Music Box (Draek) Causes Draek's Theme to play Tango Cross1.png
Music Box (Frostbite) (Cosmivengeon).png Music Box (Frostbite) Causes Frostbite's Theme to play Tango Cross1.png

Expert Mode Exclusive[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect Visible On The Player
Eye of the Blizzard (Cosmivengeon).png Eye of the Blizzard Summons an ice crystal above the player's head which occasionally shoots icicles at enemies, The crystal regenerates 5 health every second, double tapping ▲ Up key grants immediate 10 health regenerated, 5% increase in player's attack speed and an increased shoot speed for the crystal for 5 seconds, The player must wait 60 seconds for the ability to recharge Tango Tick1.png
Jewel of Oronitus (Cosmivengeon).png Jewel of Oronitus Damage dealt and Damage Reduction increased by 5%, Movement speed increased by 20%, Fall speed increased by 20% Tango Tick1.png
Shield of the Serpent (Cosmivengeon).png Shield of the Serpent Allows the player to do Serpentine Dash which travels twice as fast as Shield of Cthulhu Dash, On bashing an enemy they will be inflicted with Poisoned and Primordial Wrath for several seconds. Tango Tick1.png