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An otherworldly chaos has been unleashed... No turning back now.

Core of Desolation (Cosmivengeon).pngCore of Desolation

Desolation Mode is a new game mode added by Cosmivengeon . It can be toggled by Core of Desolation which can be crafted at a Demon Altar or Crimson Altar, It introduces new Debuffs, Tougher enemies, AI changes to Vanilla Bosses and Cosmivengeon Bosses to make Terraria more difficult.
It also introduces a new mechanic : Stamina

Vanilla Changes[edit | edit source]

Desolation Mode currently only changes 2 vanilla bosses : King Slime and Eye of Cthulhu

King Slime[edit | edit source]

King Slime Changes

Stats Changes
  • Defense increased (10 -> 20)
  • Contact damage increased (64 -> 95)
  • Max health increased (2800 -> 3250)

Attack Pattern Changes
  • New Attack: King Slime Spikes. King Slime occasionally launches three giant slimy spikes towards the player.
  • Spawns a cone of five King Slime Spikes when the player is above King Slime.
  • Conditions for teleporting were changed, making King Slime more likely to teleport.
  • Spawned slime minions are launched towards the player.
  • Slime minion spawn requirements changed.
  • Can now spawn more slime variants.
  • Hopping speeds and timers were changed, making King Slime hop faster and more often.
  • Enters a new Third Phase while below 300 HP.

Buff Changes

Minion Spawning Changes
  • Spawns 0-2 Blue Slimes or Spiked Slimes every time the boss teleports
  • Normal minion spawns happen at every 1/12th health interval instead of every 1/20th health
  • At said health intervals, spawns two slimes from the following list:
Slime Chance
Green Slime 11%
Blue Slime 12%
Red Slime 20%
Purple Slime 15%
Yellow Slime 20%
Black Slime 15%
Mother Slime 6%
Pinky 1%

Third Phase

At under 300 HP it enters a new Panic Phase where it does short fast hops towards the player, It no longer does the overhead spike attack.

Eye of Cthulhu[edit | edit source]

Stats Changes
  • Defense increased (9 -> 23)
  • Contact damage increased (30 -> 45)
  • Max health increased (3640 -> 4060)

Attack Pattern Changes
  • Immediately spawns in the transition to phase 2
  • Transition to phase 2 happens much faster
  • Continues spawning Servant of Cthulhu in phase 2
  • Enters the fast charging subphase earlier ( at 65% HP)
  • All players are inflicted the Darkness debuff for the entire duration of the fight.
  • Inflicts the Obstructed debuff on hit.
  • Enters a new third phase a 800 HP.

Third Phase

At under 800 HP, It enters a new Third Phase where the map icon disappears while partially/fully transparent, icons from Boss Cursor and Boss Checklist also disappear for the remainder of the fight
Changes to its attacks during this phase are :

  • the duration of the Obstructed debuff applied on hit is reduced
  • the side the boss appears from is based on the player's movement

  • for each tick before the boss reappears:
    • if the player is moving to the left, the left side is given +1 priority
    • if the player is moving to the right, the right side is given +1 priority
    • if the player is not moving, then one side is given +1 priority at random

  • when the boss decides which side to appear from, it chooses the side with the most priority
  • after teleporting, the side priorities are reset
  • the time between charges decreases as the boss's health decreases
  • charge velocity is increased as the boss's health decreases