Barren of Souls

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Biome Banner Barren(DepthOfTime).png

The Barren of Souls is a deadly biome you will encounter on the surface of the world. This biome includes 1 boss, several enemies, ore, and much more. This biome is also the main theme in lore, while introducing the Lost Susie Sub-theme.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Barren of Souls
Characters Unique Drops

On The Surface:

Screaming Vulture (DepthOfTime).pngScreaming Vulture

On The Surface at Night:

Barren Muk (DepthOfTime).pngBarren Muk
Soulless Scythe (DepthOfTime).pngSoulless Scythe
From Screaming Vultures:
Armored Cloth (DepthOfTime).pngArmored Cloth
Talon (DepthOfTime).pngTalon
From Barren Muk:
Thornstone Shard (DepthOfTime).pngThornstone Shard
Checkmate (DepthOfTime).pngSkull Of Amular

From terrain:

Soul Dirt (DepthOfTime).pngBarren Dirt
Soul Chunk (DepthOfTime).pngSoul Chunk
Barrenthorn Wood (DepthOfTime).pngBarrenthorn Wood
Thornstone Shard (DepthOfTime).pngThornstone Shard
Bishop Brick (DepthOfTime).pngBishop Brick
Thornstone Spike (DepthOfTime).pngThornstone Spike