Lost Susie

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The demon's feed on the lifeforce of good...

The Lost Susie storyline is brief sub-theme within the Barren Biome, and the mod as a whole. Although not given much information but through Teddy's Note & the random encounters with Susie.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Susie (DepthOfTime).png Susie

Teddy Bear(DepthOfTime).png Teddy

Lore[edit | edit source]

Teddy's Note: I was manufactured in 1989 by Vermont Teddy Bear Company. Shortly after delievery, I was given to a little girl named Susie for Christmas. For years, she played with me, the wonderful, cuddly bear, until she became 12. Soon after she turned 12, I disappeared. She struggled to find me, but when she did.. She found me with a dirty note saying that getting older was a mistake. Then after, the realities of Terraria and the Human Reality, collided. Sending her into the Terrarian world, in the process losing me. In the time she lost me, I gained my sentience, and retrieved all my 'memories'.. But every now and then.. I hear her little giggle.. but it isn't her.. she isn't there anymore. Now I sit here waiting, hoping to see her cute face return so we can play.