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Enemies are hostile characters that attempt to inflict damage on players. This page lists all enemies that can be encountered in the Emphatic, Untamed Calamity Mod. There are a total of 8 enemies: 1 Hardmode, 2 Post-Moon Lord, 1 Miniboss, 1 Boss and 3 Bosses' servants.

Hardmode Enemies[edit | edit source]

Pandemic Trawler (Emphatic Untamed Calamity).pngPandemic Trawler

Post-Moon Lord Enemies[edit | edit source]

Auric Probe (Emphatic Untamed Calamity).pngAuric Probe Cosmo Slime (Emphatic Untamed Calamity).pngCosmo Slime File:Heavy Auric Probe (Emphatic Untamed Calamity).pngHeavy Auric Probe

Minibosses[edit | edit source]

Draedon's Monitor (Emphatic Untamed Calamity).pngDraedon's Monitor

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Goozma (Emphatic Untamed Calamity).pngGoozma

Boss Minions[edit | edit source]

Astrum Limus (Emphatic Untamed Calamity).pngAstrum Limus Empowered Corrupt Slime (Emphatic Untamed Calamity).pngEmpowered Corrupt Slime Empowered Crimson Slime (Emphatic Untamed Calamity).pngEmpowered Crimson Slime
Empowered Hallowed Slime (Emphatic Untamed Calamity).pngEmpowered Hallowed Slime