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Logo(Entrogic).pngThe Mod

Entrogic is a Work-In-Progress content mod for Terraria from China, which adds more than 150 new items, 3 new bosses, 9 enemies, a new Town NPC. It also adds a weapon type that different from vanilla Terraria weapons which called card. Also there is some readable books in this Mod.

Lastest Version
Lucky Coin (Entrogic).pngItems
Gel Ankh (Entrogic).png Accessories Novice Card Pack (Entrogic).png Cards
Deimos Body Armor (Entrogic).png Armor Cute Little Hammer (Entrogic).png Tools
Black Meteorite Wall (Entrogic).png Walls Agaricus Mushroom (Entrogic).png Potions
Black Meteorite (Entrogic).png Blocks Mimicry of Energy (Entrogic).gif Miscellaneous
Magic Deflector (Entrogic).png Crafting stations Smelt Dagger (Entrogic).png Weapons
Cute Widget (Entrogic).png Crafting materials Guide Book (Entrogic).png Books