Combat Accessories

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Accessory Mod Source Effect Hardmode Visible on
Titania's Blessing (Entropy's Edge).pngTitania's Blessing Calamity Item (Fargo's Mod).png Treasure Bag (Titania) (Entropy's Edge).pngTreasure Bag (Titania) (100%)
(In Revengeance Mode)
+10% move speed, maximum life, maximum mana, and maximum rogue stealth
You take halved damage from "good" enemies
Tango Tick1.png Tango Cross1.png
Pixie Necklace (Entropy's Edge).pngPixie Necklace
Tango Cross1.png
Pixie.png (After Titania has been defeated) (2.85%/3.7%)
+10 defense and +5% damage reduction while in the Hallow, Pixies no longer target or deal damage to you
Tango Cross1.png
Tango Cross1.png
Technicolor Titan (Entropy's Edge).pngTechnicolor Titan
Tango Cross1.png
Rainbow Slime.png (After Titania has been defeated) (6.66%/8.33%)
+8 defense, grants a variety of boosts based on what you have in your hotbar
Tango Cross1.png
Tango Cross1.png
Lunar Charm (Entropy's Edge).pngLunar Charm Tango Tick1.png Treasure Bag (Lunatic Cultist).pngTreasure Bag (Lunatic Cultist) (100%) +2 life regeneration, +4% damage reduction, +10% damage, +25% movement speed, +25% mining speed, and +80% minion knockback while the Lunar Events are active. Tango Tick1.png Tango Cross1.png
Caster's Spark (Entropy's Edge).pngCaster's Spark Tango Tick1.png Treasure Bag (Lunatic Cultist).pngTreasure Bag (Lunatic Cultist) (4.5%) +11% magic damage, +7% magic critical strike chance, -15% mana usage, and +8% magic weapon casting speed Tango Tick1.png Tango Cross1.png
Equipable Items: Midnight Breastplate (Entropy's Edge).png Armor • Carpal Tunneling Aid (Entropy's Edge).png Accessories ( Shadowburn Handwrap (Entropy's Edge).png Combat )