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Buffs[edit | edit source]

Buff Source Tooltip Duration
Alert (Esper Class).pngAlert Alertness Potion (Esper Class).pngAlertness Potion Increases telekinetic velocity by 30%
5 minutes
Focused (Esper Class).pngFocused Focus Potion (Esper Class).pngFocus Potion Increases telekinetic critical by 12%
4 minutes
Willful (Esper Class).pngWillful Will Potion (Esper Class).pngWill Potion Increases telekinetic damage by 20%
3 minutes

Debuffs[edit | edit source]

Debuff Source Tooltip Duration
Psyched Out (Esper Class).pngPsyched Out Overuse telekinetic weapons You're pushing yourself to your mental limits

You take damage if you use telekinetic weapons Increases telekinetic critical by 20%

10 seconds
Side Effects (Esper Class).pngSide Effects Use any psychosis potion You deal 20% less TK damage and can't regen psychosis
5 seconds
Less Steps Ahead (Esper Class).pngLess Steps Ahead Any successful TK dodge You can't TK dodge again till this debuff is gone
5 seconds