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The Esper is the class added by Esper Class mod. Nearly everything added by this mod is focused on this class. It currently has weapons, armors, and accessories from the start of the game all the way up to mid hardmode, ending at Plantera, including drops from it. The weapons of this class deals Telekinetic damage.

The playstyle allows for the player to attack from around corners and anywhere on screen their weapons can reach. The Magic Missile and Flying Knife are a basis for how the weapons of this damage type functions.

In terms of armor defense, Esper armor lies in-between magic and summon armors.

Telekinetic Damage[edit | edit source]

This is the most common stat of Espers and the easiest to increase through the use of armors, accessories, and buffs. Generic damage boosts, like from damage increasing prefixes on accessories, will also boost this damage type.

Telekinetic Critical[edit | edit source]

This works like how critical chance works for most other weapon damage types. Generic critical boosts, like from critical increasing prefixes on accessories, will also boost this damage type.

Telekinetic Velocity[edit | edit source]

This stat increases the speed at which TK weapons move while in use. Armors, accessories, and buffs can increase this stat.

Telekinetic Dodge[edit | edit source]

This stat gives a chance for the player to dodge an attack, much like how the Black Belt works, although calculated separately from that dodge chance. This is not specifically tied to the Esper class and can be useful for non-Espers.

Psychosis[edit | edit source]

This is the resource used by Espers, in which both the max amount and regeneration rate can be increased.