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Psychosis is a resource consumed by the player when using telekinetic weapons. Most telekinetic weapons while in use drain psychosis at a rate of 1 per second, with non-consumable ones draining at 3 per second. A visual warning on the meter and the drowning sound is played once psychosis goes below 0. Once psychosis hits -2 (the numbers won't show below 0), the player gains the Psyched Out debuff. Telekinetic weapons can still be used during this state, but drains health at a rate of 20 per second, which can lead to death, triggering one of five unique death messages.

Psychosis is shown by a meter and number display below the player when Psychosis isn't full. Players start with 10 max psychosis and can be permanently increased by 1 with different Lotus Petals throughout game progression. Tainted Lotus Petal or Sanguine Lotus Petal can increase max psychosis up to 15. Ancient Lotus Petal can increase max psychosis up to 20, as long as the user has at least 15 max psychosis. Hallowed Lotus Petal can increase max psychosis up to 25, as long as the user has at least 20 max psychosis.

Boost gear[edit | edit source]

These are equipment that can temporary boost max psychosis and/or psychosis regeneration rate.

Item Maximum psychosis increase Psychosis regeneration increase
Desert Wanderer Robe (Esper Class).pngDesert Wanderer armor (set bonus) 30%
Taurus Chestplate (Esper Class).pngTaurus armor (set bonus) 6
Cobalt Headwrap (Esper Class).pngCobalt Headwrap (set bonus) 8
Mythril Headwrap (Esper Class).pngMyhtril Headwrap (set bonus) 10
Adamantite Headwrap (Esper Class).pngAdamantite Headwrap (set bonus) 12
Hallowed Headwrap (Esper Class).pngHallowed Headwrap (set bonus) 12 50%
Chlorophyte Headwrap (Esper Class).pngChlorophyte Headwrap 10
Enchanted Rune (Esper Class).pngEnchanted Rune 3
Night Rune (Esper Class).pngNight Rune 6
Hallowed Rune (Esper Class).pngHallowed Rune 9
Enchanted I-Ching (Esper Class).pngEnchanted I-Ching 20%
Night I-Ching (Esper Class).pngNight I-Ching 40%
Hallowed I-Ching (Esper Class).pngHallowed I-Ching 60%
Enchanted Charm Necklace (Esper Class).pngEnchanted Charm Necklace 3 20%
Night Charm Necklace (Esper Class).pngNight Charm Necklace 6 40%
Hallowed Charm Necklace (Esper Class).pngHallowed Charm Necklace 9 60%

Restoring Psychosis[edit | edit source]

Psychosis can be restored by using psychosis potions. However, using them will cause the user to take damage equal to the amount of Psychosis recovered. Psychosis regens after a second of telekinetic weapons not being in use. Psychosis regenerates by 3 per second (1 every 20 frames), relative to base max psychosis. For example, 20 max psychosis, with no additional regeneration increase, would be a rate of 6 psychosis regenerated per second. but the regeneration rate can be increased with armor and accessories.

Item Instant psychosis restoration Notes
Psychic Eye (Esper Class).pngPsychic Eye 5 Can drop from enemies when at least one nearby player has below max psychosis. These never enter a player's inventory.
Lesser Psychosis Potion (Esper Class).pngLesser Psychosis Potion 10
Psychosis Potion (Esper Class).pngPsychosis Potion 20
Greater Psychosis Potion (Esper Class).pngGreater Psychosis Potion 40
Super Psychosis Potion (Esper Class).pngSuper Psychosis Potion All

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The max psychosis the player can have is 55. 25 base psychosis, 12 from a full set of Hallowed armor with the Hallowed Headwrap, 3 from an Enchanted Rune/Charm Necklace, 6 from a Night Rune/Charm Necklace, and 9 from a Hallowed Rune/Charm Necklace.
  • The max psychosis regeneration the player can have is 270%. On top of 100% base psychosis recovery, 50% from a full set of Hallowed armor with the Hallowed Headwrap, 20% from an Enchanted I-Ching/Charm Necklace, 40% from a Night I-Ching/Charm Necklace, and 60% from a Hallowed I-Ching/Charm Necklace.