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Expanded Sentries

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Welcome to the Expanded Sentries Wiki,
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a mod created and maintained by TheLoneGamer.

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About The Mod
The Expanded Sentries mod adds a new-ish class, the Defender, who uses Sentry damage weapons. These are traps and turrets that unlike minions, don’t follow the player. This is a playstyle that allows for the player to create deadly choke points without using tile based traps and effectively play tower defense style.

  • New class, the Defender, that deals Sentry damage.
  • Plenty of new weapons.
  • Three new armor sets and seven hardmode ore helmets.
  • Some new accessories.
  • Sentries require line of sight to place. An accessory can bypass this.
  • Mod sentries can be used for the DD2 event at the cost of Etherian Mana after the turret slot limit is reached.
  • Sentries last for 24 real life hours.
  • HUD displays max number of sentries if it is greater than one.
  • A buff gets added if any sentries are out, which can be canceled to remove all sentries.
  • Global damage bonuses (specifically the lowest value of the five vanilla damage types above 100%) will add to sentry damage.