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Expanded Sentries adds some accessories to give bonuses and benefits toward using sentry weapons.

Accessories[edit | edit source]

Gears[edit | edit source]

These increase the wearer's sentry speed, causing certain sentry weapons to react faster like increasing turret fire rate. Only one of these can be worn.

Basic Gear (Expanded Sentries).pngBasic Gear Evil Gear (Expanded Sentries).pngEvil Gear Molten Gear (Expanded Sentries).pngMolten Gear
Hallowed Gear (Expanded Sentries).pngHallowed Gear Beetle Gear (Expanded Sentries).pngBeetle Gear

Scopes[edit | edit source]

These increase the wearer's sentry range, causing turrets to target enemies from further away. Only one of these can be worn.

Basic Scope (Expanded Sentries).pngBasic Scope Evil Scope (Expanded Sentries).pngEvil Scope Molten Scope (Expanded Sentries).pngMolten Scope
Hallowed Scope (Expanded Sentries).pngHallowed Scope Shroomite Scope (Expanded Sentries).pngShroomite Scope

Toolbelts[edit | edit source]

These are a combination of gears and scopes. These cannot be worn with gears or scopes and only one toolbelt can be worn.

Basic Toolbelt (Expanded Sentries).pngBasic Toolbelt Evil Toolbelt (Expanded Sentries).pngEvil Toolbelt Molten Toolbelt (Expanded Sentries).pngMolten Toolbelt
Hallowed Toolbelt (Expanded Sentries).pngHallowed Toolbelt Terra Toolbelt (Expanded Sentries).pngTerra Toolbelt

Chips[edit | edit source]

These increase the wearer's sentry limit. Only one can be worn at a time.

Enchanted Chip (Expanded Sentries).pngEnchanted Chip Night Chip (Expanded Sentries).pngNight Chip Hallowed Chip (Expanded Sentries).pngHallowed Chip
Hallowed Circuit (Expanded Sentries).pngHallowed Circuit Terra Chip (Expanded Sentries).pngTerra Chip Celestial Chip (Expanded Sentries).pngCelestial Chip

Other[edit | edit source]

Defender Emblem (Expanded Sentries).pngDefender Emblem Spectre Lens (Expanded Sentries).pngSpectre Lens Pulsar Jetpack (Expanded Sentries).pngPulsar Jetpack