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The Defender is the class added by Expanded Sentries. Nearly everything added by this mod is focused on this class. It has weapons, armors, and accessories from the start of the game all the way up to the end game at Moon Lord. The weapons of this class deals Sentry damage. This is not entirely a new class, as it effectively splits sentry weapons that normally count as summon weapons to this class.

The play style is very similar to playing a tower defense game, in which you set down traps and sentries to create choke points to damage enemies. Given the weakness of sentries remaining in place unlike minions, sentries tend to deal higher DPS than minions. Since sentries are not tiles, players can quickly set up defenses. Although this also means unlike tiles, sentries are much more temporary and don't work as something you can place once and have them work at any time. Given how most bosses are fought in a small area and usually in player made arenas, the weakness of sentries not moving on their own is mostly not an issue.

In terms of armor defense, not counting the vanilla Old One's Army armors, Defender armor lies in-between magic and summon armors. Given there are no vanilla summoner armor head pieces for many of the hardmode armors, hardhats, the Defender head pieces share the same defense as the magic ones.

Sentry Damage[edit | edit source]

This is the most common stat of Defenders and the easiest to increase through the use of armors, accessories, and buffs.

Sentry Speed[edit | edit source]

This stat makes many sentries attack faster, like turrets having a shorter delay before firing again. This will only affect this mod's sentries.

Sentry range[edit | edit source]

This stat makes turrets target enemies from further away. This will only affect this mod's sentries.

Sentry Count[edit | edit source]

This is actually a vanilla player stat, maxTurrets. It is very rare for mods to increase this stat, but many armors and accessories in this mod will increase the limit for how many active sentries the player can have out at once. In addition, this mod will show a HUD of your sentry count and how many you have out at once if your limit is greater than one.