Flarium Hardhat

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Flarium Hardhat
  • Flarium Hardhat item sprite
Set BonusTaking fatal damage will rebirth you with 1/3rd of your max health
You will have one minute of increased strength after rebirth
5 minute cooldown
Body slotHelmet
TooltipIncreases sentry damage by 30%
+20 health\nSentries recharge 20% faster
Turrets have 20% more detection range
Increases max sentries by 5
RarityRarity Level: 11
Sell20 Gold Coin

The Flarium Hardhat is a Hardmode post Moon Lord head armor piece that is the sentry equivalent to other class specific head armor pieces. This requires Shadows of Abaddon in order to craft and for the set bonus to work. It requires 80 Flarium Crystals and 45 Draconium Alloys at a Flarium Anvil to craft.

When equipped with Flarium Breastplate and Flarium Leggings, a total of 74 defense is granted along with 30% increased sentry damage, 5 more sentry slots, 20 max HP, and sentries recharge 20% faster and have 20% more range.