Sentry Potion

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Sentry Potion
  • Sentry Potion item sprite
Stack digit 3.pngStack digit 0.png
Use time17 Very Fast
Grants BuffIncreased Sentries.pngIncreased Sentries
Buff duration6 minutes
Buff tooltipIncreases sentry limit by 2
RarityRarity Level: 1
Sell10 Silver Coin

The Sentry Potion is a buff potion which grants the Increased Sentries buff when consumed. The buff increases the user's sentry limit by 2, although the buff can be cancelled [almost] at any time by the player. Once this potion expires, sentries placed that are over the player's limit will disappear. During the Old One's Army event, this buff doesn't expire on its own and can't manually be cancelled in order to prevent issues with the player losing any extra sentries over their normal limit.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]