True Night Turret

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True Night Turret
  • True Night Turret item sprite
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TypeWeaponCrafting material
Damage100 Sentry
Knockback4 (Weak)
Critical chance4%
Use time30 Average
TooltipPlaces a floating explosive homing firing turret
RarityRarity Level: 8
Sell10 Gold Coin

The True Night Turret is a Hardmode turret sentry weapon. It fires once every 60 frames. Compared to the Night Turret, it has a bigger AoE damage radius.

Like all of this mod's sentries, it benefits from both the player's sentry speed and sentry range stats.
Its best Modifier is Ruthless. The Mythical modifier provides the widest array of stat bonuses, but these primarily affect the initial summon rather than the sentry's damage. Additionally, sentries cannot deal critical hits under normal circumstances. The only significant advantage a Mythical True Night Turret has over a Ruthless one is knockback.

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