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The Hellcastle is a structure that generates on world creation, but is only accessible in Hardmode. The Library of Knowledge lies at the end of the Hellcastle.

An Underworld Chest will always be in a room adjacent to the entrance. This chest always contains the Boomlash, a chance for Vortex, potions, Impervious Bricks, Ectoplasm, as well as a 10% (1/10) chance for the Vampire Teeth.

In order to enter the Hellcastle, you must craft 2 Impervious Keys using 2 Temple Keys, 10 Ectoplasm, and 1 Earth Stone at a hardmode ore anvil, and unlock both doors at the entrance.

Map image of the Hellcastle

Library of Knowledge[edit | edit source]

The Library of Knowledge lies at the end of the Hellcastle. Once inside, there is a Library Altar used to craft the Ectoplasmic Beacon to summon Phantasm.

The Devil's Scythe will spawn on the shelves, as well as many books.

Library of Knowledge

Contents[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

  • 11.6.2: Changed generation layout. Doors now block entrance instead of Library of Knowledge. Now generates with Venom Spikes instead of Poison Spikes. Bookcases replaced with Resistant Wood Bookcases.
  • 11.3: Now spawns with Resistant Wood Platforms instead of Spooky Wood Platforms.
  • 11.0: Introduced.