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Exxo Avalon/Bismuth Bow Exxo Avalon/Bismuth Broadsword Exxo Avalon/Bismuth armor/Recipe Exxo Avalon/Bismuth Crown Exxo Avalon/Bismuth armor/Recipe Exxo Avalon/Bismuth Hammer Exxo Avalon/Bismuth armor/Recipe Exxo Avalon/Bismuth Pickaxe Exxo Avalon/Bismuth Shortsword Exxo Avalon/Bismuth Staff

Exxo Avalon/Bronze Axe Exxo Avalon/Bronze Bow Exxo Avalon/Bronze Broadsword

Exxo Avalon/Bronze Hammer

Exxo Avalon/Bronze Pickaxe Exxo Avalon/Bronze Shortsword Exxo Avalon/Bronze Staff

Exxo Avalon/Nickel Axe Exxo Avalon/Nickel Bow Exxo Avalon/Nickel Broadsword

Exxo Avalon/Nickel Hammer

Exxo Avalon/Nickel Pickaxe Exxo Avalon/Nickel Shortsword

Exxo Avalon/Zinc Axe Exxo Avalon/Zinc Bow Exxo Avalon/Zinc Broadsword Exxo Avalon/Zinc armor/Recipe Exxo Avalon/Zinc armor/Recipe Exxo Avalon/Zinc Hammer Exxo Avalon/Zinc armor/Recipe Exxo Avalon/Zinc Pickaxe Exxo Avalon/Zinc Shortsword Exxo Avalon/Zinc Staff

Iron Anvil.png Iron
Lead Anvil.png Lead Anvil
Nickel Anvil (Exxo Avalon).png Nickel Anvil

Axe of Sickness (Exxo Avalon).pngAxe of Sickness
Bismuth Axe (Exxo Avalon).pngBismuth Axe
Blade of Grass.pngBlade of Grass
Bronze Chainmail (Exxo Avalon).pngBronze Chainmail
Bronze Greaves (Exxo Avalon).pngBronze Greaves
Bronze Helmet (Exxo Avalon).pngBronze Helmet
Desert Long Sword (Exxo Avalon).pngDesert Long Sword
Enchanted Boomerang.pngEnchanted Boomerang
Enchanted Sword (item).pngEnchanted Sword
Excalibur Net (Exxo Avalon).pngExcalibur Net
Fiery Greatsword.pngFiery Greatsword
Goldmine Pickaxe (Exxo Avalon).pngGoldmine Pickaxe
Hellstone Blowpipe (Exxo Avalon).pngHellstone Blowpipe
Imp Staff.pngImp Staff
Iridium Greatsword (Exxo Avalon).pngIridium Greatsword
Ivy Whip.pngIvy Whip
Jungle Hat.pngJungle Hat
Jungle Shirt.pngJungle Shirt
Jungle Pants.pngJungle Pants
Molten Fury.pngMolten Fury
Molten Hamaxe.pngMolten Hamaxe
Molten Pickaxe.pngMolten Pickaxe
Molten Helmet.pngMolten Helmet
Molten Breastplate.pngMolten Breastplate
Molten Greaves.pngMolten Greaves
Mucus Hammer (Exxo Avalon).pngMucus Hammer
Nickel Chainmail (Exxo Avalon).pngNickel Chainmail
Nickel Greaves (Exxo Avalon).pngNickel Greaves
Nickel Helmet (Exxo Avalon).pngNickel Helmet
Oblivionet (Exxo Avalon).pngOblivionet
Osmium Greatsword (Exxo Avalon).pngOsmium Greatsword
Phoenix Blaster.pngPhoenix Blaster
Reinforced Blowpipe (Exxo Avalon).pngReinforced Blowpipe
Rhodium Greatsword (Exxo Avalon).pngRhodium Greatsword
Snotsabre (Exxo Avalon).pngSnotsabre
Sporalash (Exxo Avalon).pngSporalash
Sword Net (Exxo Avalon).pngSword Net
Sword Net (Exxo Avalon).pngSword Net
Sword Net (Exxo Avalon).pngSword Net
The Cell (Exxo Avalon).pngThe Cell
Thorn Chakram.pngThorn Chakram
Viruthorn Helmet (Exxo Avalon).pngViruthorn Helmet
Viruthorn Scalemail (Exxo Avalon).pngViruthorn Scalemail
Viruthorn Greaves (Exxo Avalon).pngViruthorn Greaves
Wheezebow (Exxo Avalon).pngWheezebow