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Stamina is a mechanic added by Exxo Avalon. The stamina meter is displayed underneath the mana meter on the right side of the screen. Similarly to mana and health, stamina can be increased with Stamina Crystals, which are either dropped by any boss or crafted with Staminastone. There are several movement improvements that can be enabled or disabled, all of which consume stamina.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Sprinting[edit | edit source]

This mode will increase the player's run speed by an amount equivalent to a boot upgrade. This means standard walking speed will increase to Hermes Boots speed, Hermes Boots' speed will increase to Lightning/Sparkfrost Boots level, Lightning/Sparkfrost Boots will increase to Inertia Boots' level, and Inertia Boots will increase to the speed of Blah's Wings. Sprinting costs 8 stamina per second.

Wall Sliding[edit | edit source]

This mode will enable the use of wall jumping, similarly to Shoe Spikes and Climbing Claws. Wall Sliding costs 3 stamina per second.

Dashing[edit | edit source]

This mode will allow the player to dash, similarly to the Tabi. One dash costs 60 stamina.

Swimming[edit | edit source]

This function allows the player to swim as if they had the Flipper equipped. Swimming costs 10 stamina per second.

Teleportation[edit | edit source]

Allows teleportation to the cursor with the Teleportation button. Uses 100 stamina.

History[edit | edit source]

  • 11.6.2:
    • Teleportation to the cursor using stamina now costs only 100 stamina.
    • Stamina icon sprites updated.
  • 11.6: Stamina now allows for teleportation to the cursor. This is limited much in the way the Rod of Discord is. Teleportation requires 120 stamina to use.
  • Stamina meter has been moved to under the Mana meter, and is no longer only visible via a toggle.