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“Masochist Mode and More Boss Weapons”
Release date June 17, 2019
Version chronology
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0.7.0 0.7.3 0.7.4
Version history

Fargo’s Soul Mod v0.7.3 served to add several new Weapons as well as add, rebalance, and fix several things in Eternity Mode.

Additions[edit | edit source]

  • Added several Eternity Mode features, changes, and fixes (See wiki page for full notes)
  • Added Hive Staff, The Blender, Dark Star Cannon, Rockeater Launcher, and The Landslide
  • Added Gittle's patreon player effect
  • Added some missing tooltips and sprites

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The Big Sting now fires 2 stingers at once
  • Buffed Eater of Worlds Staff damage, gave it a value, and fiddled with segment distance
  • The Dicer works with Yoyo Bag accessories now, also nerfed its damage, range, duration, and speed
  • Nerfed Hell Zone damage
  • The Penetrator has a right click that shoots phantasmal bolts
  • The Penetrator disables mounts and carts while dashing
  • The Penetrator creates explosions as it hits enemies and removes invulnerability frames
  • Slime Rain's slime rain spawns from slightly higher up and has finer randomness
  • Nuke Fishron no longer has a %-based minimum damage, but has increased base damage and uses rockets as ammo
  • Increased Eternal Energys required for post Abominationn (boss) weapons
  • Amalgamated Bullet Pouch and Quiver are post Duke Fishron EX now
  • Fossil Enchantment no longer spams bones when you're dead
  • Victide Enchantment recipe is now much easier, and several other Calamity Enchantment recipes have been slightly altered

Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed bug with Mind Break, being able to use it with only 1 minion slot and the minion shooting and then despawning
  • Fixed Bulb and Chlorophyte Enchantments crashing with Thorium
  • Fixed Force of Life not giving extra wing time
  • Fixed Olympian's Soul's Thorium effects only working with calamity and its recipe being broken with Thorium
  • Fixed more tooltip errors and altered a few recipes
  • Fixed certain effects that occur while attacking going crazy when out of mana and using a magic weapon

Eternity Mode Full Changes[edit | edit source]

General Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Doubled all boss spawn rates
  • Boss scaling cap doubled and all boss minion and projectile attacks scale along with the boss now
  • All the Hardmode enemies that spawn in pre-hm, will fake death when killed in pre-hm
  • Killing critters will inflict Guilty on you
  • Bosses occupy even more slots now
  • Aura dust now indicates if aura is reversed
  • Added a bunch of lines to the Mutant to tell you things about Eternity Mode
  • Mutant's Gift should always be reliably synced in Multiplayer now
  • Rain inflicts Wet when not in front of background wall
  • Players have an air meter in space
  • Fixed Webbed softlock, but actually
  • Fixed Calamity messing up biome debuffs and making them not display

Debuff Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Added Lovestruck as its own debuff
  • Changed Oiled its own debuff instead of using vanilla's
  • Living Wasteland now has a visible aura
  • Crippled now has Slow effects built in
  • Added Marked for Death and Fused dust
  • Hexed produces a little more dust
  • Reverse auras have a fixed maximum range (so they don't meme players on the other side of map)
  • Midas can affect player
  • Changed Mutant Nibble's random debuffs
  • Fixed Fused not actually exploding
  • Fixed Rotting lowering damage reduction too much

Item Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Added Golden Dipping Vat, Bloodied Skull, Chest of the Jungle, Plantera's Fruit, Sinister Icon, Nymph's Perfume
  • Added several missing sprites
  • Lowered Agitating Lens scythe spawning speed to sprinting speed
  • Corrupt Heart no longer makes spawns tiny eaters when you're dead
  • Gutted Heart will now refresh the weakest Creeper when you're at the Creeper cap
  • Queen's Stinger doesn't give immunity to stingers or Moss Hornets anymore
  • Necromantic Brew and upgrades allow Baby Guardians to spawn
  • Necromantic Brew's Skeletron arm minions have increased speed when attacking
  • Removed unintentional 2 defense in Necromantic Brew and Pure Heart
  • Supreme Deathbringer Fairy has buffed versions of all materials
  • Pure Heart recipe now needs Chlorophyte Bars
  • Squeaky Toy gives immunity to Guilty and no longer to Purified
  • Tribal Charm gives Purified immunity
  • Sands of Time gives cactus damage immunity
  • Sands of Time won't accelerate respawn during boss fights outside of Eternity Mode anymore
  • Security Wallet now gives Midas immunity
  • Increased Bionomic Cluster rarity and sell price
  • Fixed Bionomic Cluster recipe being broken
  • Fixed Skull Charm not actually doing the -10% DR it's supposed to
  • Changed how Skull Charm blocks spawns (should work properly in multiplayer)
  • Pungent Eyeball's minion is actually a Pungent Eyeball
  • Changed Dubious Circuitry's recipe to use Mechanical Boss souls instead of Chlorophyte
  • Pumpking's Cape allows you to inflict Rotting on crits
  • Heart of the Mutants also gives Moon Leech immunity
  • Mutant Antibodies also gives Wet immunity
  • Soul of the Siblings minions are contained in one buff

Night[edit | edit source]

  • Demon eyes have a 25% chance to be replaced with Wandering Eyes in Hardmode
  • Wandering eyes have 2X HP, inflict Berserked, spawn blood scythes, and are knockback immune in phase 2
  • Possessed Armors sometimes spawn Ghosts when killed
  • Clowns no longer spawn during invasions
  • Probes can swarm as a natural spawn
  • Reduced Probe spawn rate a bit
  • Zombies break down doors

Desert[edit | edit source]

  • Cactuses inflict damage if you walk into them
  • Antlion Chargers now inflict Dazed
  • Antlion Swarmers can spawn in swarms
  • Dune Splicers are a rare pre-hm lootless spawn
  • Sand Sharks and variants may spawn in the Underground Desert
  • Desert Djinn curse inflicts biome-based Cursed Inferno or Ichor as well as Silenced
  • Sand Poachers shoot venom spit while on walls
  • Mummies have low chance to explode into Wall Creepers when killed

Snow[edit | edit source]

  • Spiked Ice Slime spikes inflict Frostburn and Slimed
  • Nerfed Ice Tortoise damage reduction to cap at 50%
  • Changed how Ice Viking shoots Ice Sickles (he does not shoot when he cannot reach you)
  • Ice Golem constantly radiates frostfireballs

The Corruption[edit | edit source]

  • Eaters of Souls shoots cursed fireballs and can ignore tiles
  • Cursed Hammer 4X HP, 2X defense, moves faster, is bigger, is immune to knockback, spins up faster as HP decreases, and inflicts Purified, Defenseless, and Infested
  • Cursed Hammer have a reverse aura now
  • Vile Spit emits Purple Solution
  • Corrupt Mimic stomp sprays Purple Solution

The Crimson[edit | edit source]

  • Crimson Axe 4X HP, 2X defense, moves faster, is bigger, is immune to knockback, spins up faster as HP decreases, and inflicts Purified, Defenseless, and Infested
  • Crimson Axe have a reverse aura now
  • Ichor spit emits Red Solution
  • Ichor Stickers may spawn on the surface in Hard Mode
  • Floaty Gross inflicts Oozed
  • Blood Feeder has 5X HP, lifesteal, and gains damage on hit
  • Crimson Mimic stomp sprays Red Solution

Jungle[edit | edit source]

  • Reduced bee promotions from 50% to 33%
  • Bees can turn into big hornet variants too and then Moss Hornets in Hardmode
  • Hornets have a 50% to ignore walls
  • Piranhas inflict Bleeding for longer and will jump out of the water after Bleeding players
  • Spiked Jungle Slime spikes inflict Infested and Slimed
  • Man Eaters eat you in Hardmode too
  • Jungle Creepers also shoot webs when on walls
  • All Moss Hornet variants inflict Infested and may spawn in groups
  • Derpling Confused aura is back to being reversed
  • Angler Fish inflict Bleeding, are transparent until hit, and glow while transparent
  • Moths have 2X HP, double speed, and spray dust
  • Moths and their dust inflict completely random debuffs
  • Arapaimas will jump at you when you're submerged
  • Snatcher has Man Eater eating abilities now
  • Man Eater and Angry Trapper should not eat you at higher HP than intended now
  • In Hard Mode all Hornets are replaced with Moss Hornets except when Queen Bee is alive
  • Jungle Mimic stomp sprays Green Solution

Ocean[edit | edit source]

  • Sharks can jump out of the water, they cause Bleeding for longer, and they enrage correctly in multiplayer
  • Shark bleed enrage now gives a linear scaling damage boost up to +250% (was exponential)
  • Angler Fish and Pigrons may spawn in Hard Mode

Meteor[edit | edit source]

  • Corites no longer spawn but Meteor Heads have 25% chance to be replaced with Corites post Golem
  • Tweaked how Meteor Heads dash to hopefully fix issues in multiplayer

Dungeon[edit | edit source]

  • Dungeon guardian always has super speed, shoots skulls, sprays bones, and is immune to debuffs
  • Dungeon Guardian's skulls and bones inflict God Eater and Flames of the Universe
  • Dungeon Spirit inflicts Cursed
  • Dark Caster will teleport away much faster after being hit
  • Water Spheres inflict Silenced
  • Ragged Caster bolts inflict Reverse Mana Flow
  • Diabolist blasts inflict Jammed
  • Necromancer shadowbeams inflict Atrophied
  • Paladins spawned from Dungeon Slimes should sync properly in multiplayer
  • Paladins have Broken Armor aura
  • Angry Bones occasionally spray bones
  • Post Plantera mage skeletons can become each other
  • Dungeon Guardian now counts as a boss and is immune to Valhalla and Pearlwood effects

Floating Islands[edit | edit source]

  • Angry Nimbus and Wyvern spawn in the sky pre-hm
  • Wyverns inflict Crippled, Clipped Wings, and Purified
  • Wyverns have 2X HP and shoot rings of light balls

Underground / Caverns[edit | edit source]

  • Lost Girls have 300 defense now
  • lost girl/nymph have double damage/defense and quadruple life in hardmode
  • lost girl/nymph inflicts slow, weak, lovestruck, and has lifesteal on touch
  • Nymphs are immune to knockback, have a reverse aura of Lovestruck, and periodically sprays bees everywhere
  • Nymphs heal from attacks made by Lovestruck players
  • Tim has 3X HP, is immune to fire, and a reverse aura of Silenced
  • Mimics don't have Cross Necklace effect in pre Hard Mode
  • All Mimics drop fake hearts when killed
  • Rune Wizard has 3X HP, is immune to fire, and a second aura of Suffocation
  • Rune Wizard inflicts Flames of the Universe on contact, his projectiles inflict Hexed, both inflict Suffocation
  • Rune Wizard periodically emits rings of rune blasts
  • Skeletons explode into bones when killed
  • All bat types can spawn in hordes
  • All spiders inflict Infested
  • Nerfed web spit damage to always be 36
  • Mushi Ladybug and Fungo Fish also burst into spores when killed
  • Mushi Ladybug inflicts Darkness and Blackout
  • Fungi spores inflict Poisoned, are temporarily invulnerable when spawned, and spawn more randomly

The Underworld[edit | edit source]

  • Red Devils spawn in pre Hard Mode
  • Red Devil Tridents travel faster and inflict Marked for Death, Blackout, and Shadowflame
  • Lava Slimes can propel themselves upward using lava
  • Betsy spawns in hell after Old One's Army tier 3 is completed (was post-Golem only)
  • Fire Imps will teleport away much faster after being hit

The Hallow[edit | edit source]

  • Changed Hallowed Mimic to inflict Confused instead of Unstable
  • Nerfed Chaos Elemental's Unstable duration
  • Enchanted Sword has 4X HP, 2X defense, moves faster, is bigger, is immune to knockback, spins up faster as HP decreases, and inflicts Purified, Defenseless, and Infested
  • Enchanted Swords have a reverse aura now
  • Illuminant Bats produced from splitting are transparent and drop nothing
  • Unicorns create Blue Solution at their feet
  • Gastropods explode into lasers when killed
  • Small Rainbow Slimes can also spray spikes
  • Hallowed Mimic stomp sprays Blue Solution
  • Pixies can pass through tiles

Lihzahrd Temple[edit | edit source]

  • Lihzahrds shoot fireballs in phase 2

Events[edit | edit source]

Blood Moon[edit | edit source]

  • Blood Zombie aura changed to Bleeding
  • Blood Zombies inflict Bloodthirsty

Goblin Army[edit | edit source]

  • All enemies inflict Living Wasteland
  • Goblin Thieves inflict Midas and have doubled horizontal movement speed
  • Goblin Sorcerers will teleport away much faster after being hit
  • Chaos Balls are invincible in Hardmode
  • Shadowflame Apparations inflicts Shadowflame
  • Goblin Summoner has a large Shadowflame aura, shoots Chaos Balls, and also erupts into tentacles when hit

Sandstorm[edit | edit source]

  • Dune Splicers now inflict Clipped Wings
  • Sand Elementals constantly spawn Dune Splicers and cause Sandstorms
  • Sandnados inflict Dazed

Old One's Army[edit | edit source]

  • Etherian Goblins inflict Poisoned and Bleeding
  • Goblin Bombers drop goblin bombs when killed
  • Etherian Wyverns shoot bouncy fireballs
  • Kobold Gliders scatter spiky balls as they fly
  • Wither Beasts have an aura of Withered Weapon and Armor
  • Etherian Lightning Bugs create lightning portals and have an aura of Lightning Rod
  • Etherian Lightning Bug inflicts Webbed
  • Old One's Skeletons can shoot Chaos Balls
  • Dark Mage grants an aura of protection to nearby enemies and Lethargic for players
  • Dark Mage bolts inflict Hexed
  • Ogre inflicts Broken Armor and his stomp inflicts Dazed
  • Ogres have an aura of Stinky
  • Betsy summons Dark Mages
  • Betsy and her attacks inflict Burning now

Frost Legion[edit | edit source]

  • Snow Balla now has 200% horizontal movement speed instead of hyper mode
  • Snowman Gangsta bullets ignore walls
  • Snow Balla throws snowballs much more aggressively

Pirate Invasion[edit | edit source]

  • All Pirates inflict Midas and Living Wasteland
  • Flying Dutchman has a meteor shot minigun and doesn't fly up if above the player
  • Enemy cannonballs are extra thick and inflict Defenseless

Solar Eclipse[edit | edit source]

  • Psycho constantly becomes more transparent, uncloaks whenever hit, and inflicts Obstructed
  • Mothron shoots eye beams and stingers and also has omega defense and reflects projectiles while laying eggs
  • Mothron and Baby Mothron are nearly immune to knockback
  • Mothron inflicts Feral Bite and Stunned
  • Mothron eggs instantly hatch into Baby Mothrons
  • Baby Mothrons now inflict Feral Bite and Guilty
  • Baby Mothrons have Squeaky Toy aura instead of inflicting on contact
  • Deadly Spheres inflict Darkness and Blackout
  • Butcher has knockback immunity and double horizontal velocity
  • Reapers inflict Rotting, Living Wasteland, and Marked for Death
  • Swamp Thing throws ogre spit

Pumpkin Moon[edit | edit source]

  • Pumpking is immune to Clipped Wings
  • Pumpking also inflicts Slow and Rotting now
  • Headless Horseman throws horseman's blades at you
  • Poltergeist inflicts Silenced and shoots lost souls
  • Headless Horseman inflicts Living Wasteland and Cursed
  • Changed Hellhound debuffs to Feral Bite and Mutant Nibble

Frost Moon[edit | edit source]

  • Ice Queen is immune to Clipped Wings
  • Yetis inflict Frozen and fire homing frostfireballs
  • Presents are 100% drop from minibosses now

Martian Madness[edit | edit source]

  • Most enemies in inflict Electrified and Living Wasteland
  • Ray Gunners inflict Distorted

Lunar Events[edit | edit source]

  • All pillars are immune to Clipped Wings
  • Nebula Beasts inflicts Feral bite/silenced
  • Nebula Floaters inflict Silenced
  • Corites inflict Slow and On Fire
  • Stargazer lasers no longer inflict Withered Armor and Weapon)

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Eye of Cthulhu[edit | edit source]

  • Blood Sickles are now on a seperate invulnerablity timer
  • Can no longer spawn multiple times at once during a Blood Moon

Eater of Worlds[edit | edit source]

  • Eater of Worlds always inflicts 10 minutes of Weak

Brain of Cthulhu[edit | edit source]

  • Illusions are on the minimap too
  • Now self-cleanses debuffs (cannot use them to distinguish the real one)
  • Creepers shoot ichor whether or not they have line of sight

Queen Bee[edit | edit source]

  • Nerfed Royal Subject HP slightly

Skeletron[edit | edit source]

  • Hands now inflict Dazed instead of Stunned
  • Hands shoot skulls and bones when below 50% life
  • Changed bone attacks from sprays to rings
  • Bones emit light and are really fat so they're actually visible
  • Also sprays bones in Dungeon Guardian mode
  • Removed Dungeon Guardian form debuff immunities

Wall of Flesh[edit | edit source]

  • Eyes now turn transparent when invulnerable (was red, hard to see)
  • Spits fireballs and ichor faster as health decreases and slightly more accurately
  • Changed demonic deathray to divine deathray (basically the color )
  • No longer steals velocity
  • There is now dust dust denoting the deathray range
  • Doesn't instakill players while trying to drag them back for fleeing deathray range
  • Eye lasers ignore walls too

The Twins[edit | edit source]

  • Retinazer's deathray should be compatible with Calamity Revengence now
  • Deathray and dark stars are now on a seperate invulnerablity timer
  • Retinazer lasers inflict Ichor

The Destroyer[edit | edit source]

  • Dark stars are now on a seperate invulnerablity timer
  • Phase 2 starts at 75% HP now
  • Fixed ghost body segements being left ehind when killed

Skeletron Prime[edit | edit source]

  • Dark stars are now on a seperate invulnerablity timer
  • Prime cannonballs may inflict Fused
  • Prime Cannon switches to star mode twice as often and not just in phase 2
  • Removed Dungeon Guardian form debuff immunities

Plantera[edit | edit source]

  • Crystal leaf shots are now on a seperate invulnerablity timer and go though walls

Golem[edit | edit source]

  • Body now also inflicts Marked for Death
  • Fist explosions are now on a seperate invulnerablity timer
  • Nerfed fireball shotgun in Temple to 3 balls

Duke Fishron[edit | edit source]

  • Added Golden Crate to his drops
  • Removed Oceanic Seal from standard fishron
  • No longer resists Amalgamated Ammos
  • Sharkron no longer shares Fishron's resistances

Lunatic Cultist[edit | edit source]

  • Inflicts Marked for Death and Curse of the Moon on contact
  • Added a lunar seal which inflicts Cursed of the Moon and keeps you close
  • Added the dreaded Road Roller pillar attack
  • The Pillars inflict Stunned, Marked for Death, demount player, and send them flying
  • They also inflict the debuff that disables the damage type used most on Lunatic Cultist
  • Celestial fragments inflict hexed
  • Ancient Dooms have 4x HP, inflict MArked for Death and Shadowflame, and spin around but can't damage until they've faded in a bit
  • Fixed clones not shooting lightning bolts directly at the player

Moon Lord[edit | edit source]

  • Added lunar ritual which inflicts Curse of the Moon and keeps you close
  • Moon Leech now disables Soul of Terraria's tin crit lifesteal