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“The Great Compatibility Fix of 2019”
Release date November 10, 2019
Version chronology
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1.0.0 1.1.0 1.1.1
Version history

Fargo's Soul Mod v1.1.0 served to improve parts of Eternity Mode, support Thorium Mod's update, as well as various other improvements and balance.

Additions[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Other Additions[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Enchantment Accessories[edit | edit source]

  • All Enchantments now have custom tooltip colors.

Vanilla[edit | edit source]

Thorium[edit | edit source]

Calamity[edit | edit source]

Force Accessories[edit | edit source]

Vanilla[edit | edit source]

Calamity[edit | edit source]

Shadows of Abaddon[edit | edit source]

Soul Accessories[edit | edit source]

Vanilla[edit | edit source]

Calamity[edit | edit source]

Dragon Ball Terraria[edit | edit source]

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

Eternity Mode Changes[edit | edit source]

General Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Fall damage always inflicts Dazed for 2 seconds
  • Falling Dazed is now prevented with fall damage immunity
  • Fixed vanity wings giving immunity to falling Dazed
  • A Mutant Statue now generates near the player's spawn in newly-created worlds.
  • Breaking Shadow Orb immediately triggers Goblin Invasion if possible and haven't beat Goblins.
  • Breaking an Altar immediately triggers Pirate Invasion if possible and haven't beat Pirates.
  • All debuff inflictions are now always for the same amount of time, no more randomness
  • Reduced stun lock by only allowing enemies to inflict stunning debuffs every other hit
  • Lethargic only lowers attack speed by 25% instead of 50%
  • Lethargic can affect enemies and reduces their movement speed by 25%
  • Antisocial now forcibly kills all minions and sentries
  • Hallowed Flipped can be cleared at nurse
  • Enemies in The Underworld are ignited, native enemies are immune
  • Enemies in Space are suffocated, native enemies are immune
  • Enemies in biome waters are affected, water enemies are immune
  • Cacti now deal 20 damage (40 when in spreading biome)
  • Jungle water only inflicts Poisoned (no more Venom in Hard Mode)
  • Removed Frostburn and it takes longer to Freeze in Snow water
  • Removed Desert, Dungeon, Marble, and Granite water debuffs
  • Removed Shadowflame in The Underworld lava
  • Removed lightning in rain
  • Removed hostile Falling Stars
  • Removed all instances of enemies spreading Corruption, Crimson, or Hallow

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Demon Eyes flash before dashing and shouldn't go through walls
  • Beetles no longer have auras of Lethargic
  • Salamander’s stealth has been reduced
  • Reduced Medusa’s spawn rate in pre Hard Mode
  • Demons shoot 6-ways instead of 8-ways, and it’s no longer random
  • Dark Caster’s attacks no longer inflict Flipped
  • Giant Flying Fox no longer inflicts Mutant Nibble
  • Vampire no longer inflict Darkness
  • Reaper no longer inflicts Rotting
  • Basilisks no longer inflict Poison or Venom
  • Clowns inflict Hexed for less time and Fused for more
  • Harpies no longer inflict Clipped Wings on touch
  • Harpy feathers always inflict Clipped Wings and for longer
  • All Celestial Pillars take zero damage unless you are within a specific distance
  • Nymphs have a maximum distance at which they will use their heart attack
  • Crimeras and Eaters of Souls no longer slow down when in front of platforms or intangible objects
  • Eater of Souls no longer try to attack from within walls
  • Face Monster aura range reduced
  • Nerfed Flying Dutchman to only fire bullets every few seconds
  • Pumpking no longer inflicts Slow
  • Splinterling drops no loot until Plantera is defeated
  • Evil critters spawn less frequently until Eye of Cthulhu is defeated
  • Lihzahrds only produce one spiky ball on death
  • Frost Legion mobs no longer spawn naturally
  • Umbrella Slimes inflict Wet
  • Ice Slime inflicts Slimed/Frostburn
  • Jungle Slime inflicts Slimed/Poisoned
  • Spiked Jungle Slime no longer inflicts Venom
  • Fixed Present Slimes not inflicting Slimed
  • Fixed Red Devil tridents not inflicting Marked for Death
  • Fixed Illuminant Bats not also inflicting Feral Bite always
  • Illuminant Bat clones now have reduced HP
  • Fixed Goblin Scout not inflicting Living Wasteland in hardmode
  • All Zombies can break doors
  • Mushroom biome enemies drop 1-5 Glowing Mushrooms, 20% chance to drop Mushroom Grass Seeds
  • Moth dust inflicts 5 debuffs per hit and no longer inflicts debuffs per tick
  • Demon has a 2% chance to drop Blindfold
  • Piranha has a 2% chance to drop Adhesive Bandage
  • Derpling has a 2% chance to drop Trifold Map
  • Dark Mage drops 5 Defender Medals
  • Ogre drops 10 Defender Medals
  • Reduced Water Bolt drop rate to 2%
  • Reduced Nymph's Perfume drop rate to 10%
  • Reduced Mystic Skull drop rate to 10%

Bosses[edit | edit source]

  • All bosses will prevent other bosses from naturally spawning, except during a blood moon.
  • Removed potion drops from bosses.
  • Bosses drop more crates.
  • Eye of Cthulhu drops Wooden Crates.
  • Golem and Betsy drop Golden Crates.
  • King SlimeKing Slime
    • King Slime will only stun you while moving
    • King Slme no longer inflicts Clipped Wings
    • King Slime enrage text now appears correctly in single player
    • King Slime's enraged stats have been reduced severely
  • Eye of CthulhuEye of Cthulhu
    • Reduced Eye of Cthulhu's scythe speed slightly
    • Slightly adjusted scythe trail
    • Servants/scythes now inflict brief Obstructed/Berserked instead of previous debuffs
    • Teleport is slower and emits dust, but Eye of Cthulhu is now invulnerable during teleport
  • Brain of CthulhuBrain of Cthulhu
    • Brain of Cthulhu and creepers no linger inflict Feral Bite
    • Brain and clone will NEVER telefrag you ever
    • Brain/Creeper/clone now do Poisoned, Darkness, Bleeding, Slow, Weak, Broken armor on hit instead of maso debuffs
  • Queen BeeQueen Bee
    • Nerfed Royal Subject speed
    • Replaced Venom in the Queen Bee fight with Infested and reduced duration
    • Queen Bee no longer spawns bees while Royal Subjects are alive
  • SkeletronSkeletron
    • Nerfed skull projectile Cursed duration but increased chance
    • Throws Skeletons when spinning
  • Wall of FleshWall of Flesh
    • Being hit by a Hungry no longer spawns Wall of Flesh
    • Reduced Wall of Flesh's maximum speed, no longer accelerates drastically at critical life
    • Wall of Flesh eyes always shoot deathrays
    • Wall of Flesh has a new p2 where it alternates between spewing ichor down the arena and firing jets of cursed inferno back up the arena
  • The Twins The TwinsThe Twins
    • Removed Retinazer's phase 3 speed buff
    • Phase 3 Spazmatism shoots cursed fireballs much more aggressively and accurately
    • Phase 3 Spazmatism's charging flamethrower damage buffed to match contact damage, but nerfed range slightly
    • When both are in phase 3:
      • Spazmatism always dashes while Retinazer is in normal AI
      • Spazmatism always breathes fire while Retinazer is deathray spinning
  • Skeletron PrimeSkeletron Prime
    • Won't shoot rockets while spinning in phase 2
    • Second set of limbs always attacks by swiping at you diagonally
    • Main limbs will stretch out and spin when Prime spins in phase 2
  • Fargo's Mod/Mutant (boss)Mutant (boss)
    • Will turn back into town NPC if player dies to him
    • Nuke safespot has a cosmetic ritual around it
    • More immunities
    • Nerfed Mutant Fang duration from 5s to 3s
    • Has pink afterimage in phase 2
    • Attempted to fix crystal leaf attack not spawning sometimes
    • Rotates his laser in the opposite direction if the player gets behind it during his last stand
    • The following toggles are also allowed in phase 2:
      • Tin Crit
      • Stabilized Gravity
      • Tabi Dash