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Fargo's Mod/
“Champion’s Balance Hotfix”
Release date October 1st, 2020
Version chronology
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Fargo's Mod/Version history

Fargo's Soul Mod v1.3.9.1 served to make a variety of minor balance changes, prominently adjusting several Champions and reworking numerous Mutant (boss) attacks.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Enchantment Accessories[edit | edit source]

Vanilla[edit | edit source]

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Abominable Wand halves Sparkling Adoration’s heart cooldown and boosts damage
  • Mutant Eye replaces Sparkling Adoration’s hearts with love rays
  • Removed Pandora's Box and Pandora’s Tome (moved to DLC mod)
  • Fixed Medallion of the Fallen King spikes being hostile in multiplayer
  • Fixed several tooltip formatting issues and typos

Eternity Mode Changes[edit | edit source]

General Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Holy Price lasts 15 seconds (was 10)
  • Chlorophyte Bullets are even slower and despawn after 2 seconds

Bosses[edit | edit source]

  • Map Icon Earth Champ (Fargo's Mod).pngChampion of Earth
    • Reduced head movement speed
    • Hands move faster
    • Punches cause chain explosions (only in Eternity Mode phase 2)
    • Flower petals split after travelling a certain distance (only in Eternity Mode phase 2)
    • Hands spawn semi-homing life orbs on slam instead of geysers (only in Eternity Mode phase 2)
    • Contact damage inflicts Lethargic in Eternity Mode
  • Map Icon Shadow Champ (Fargo's Mod).pngChampion of Shadow
    • Flameburst and homing Flaming Scythes do more damage
    • Improved telegraphs for Dungeon Guardians
  • Map Icon Spirit Champ (Fargo's Mod).pngChampion of Spirit
    • Slowed down spectres
    • Reduced horizontal speed of cross bones during hallowed shield to almost nothing
    • No longer uses different invulnerability timers for hand and body contact damage
  • Map Icon Mutant (boss) (Fargo's Mod).pngMutant (boss)
    • Phantasmal Sphere sword visuals improved
    • Slime Rain attack reworked, Mutant is still while reticles telegraph the rain of slime and you hide in the gap
    • Fishrons now hover around you in one of two configurations before dashing in and no longer explode into typhoons
    • True Eye minion contact damage removed
    • Adjusted movement during Nuke Fishron for consistency
    • Arena is stationary during pillar drop
    • Retinazer ray fan randomly aims either up or down and Prime rain adjusted to deliberately overlap it
    • Phantasmal Sphere overlapping spirals have a random starting angle